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Aqara teased the launch of the new FP2 presence sensor earlier in the year, and this is quite an exciting product for smart home enthusiasts.

The FP2 presence sensor uses mmWave radar instead of a traditional passive infrared (PIR) presence sensor. With PIR, they are not very good if you are in the room but don’t move much, for example, if you are sat down. This can therefore cause the sensor to trigger an action based on no movement.

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Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 Features

The mmWave-based FP2 Presence Sensor takes a leap forward from the PIR motion sensors as the former detects a person’s presence with even the slightest movement, such as the act of breathing.

It is so accurate you gain much more functionality than basic motion detection.

The FP2 sensor raises the precision of human detection to the next level with its capability to monitor multiple zones and multiple targets simultaneously. The FP2 allows the user to define up to 30 zones within a room (up to 40 sq m/430 sq ft). For example, the living room and dining area can be configured as separate zones with individualised automation.

This sensor tracks up to 5 persons at the same time, making it possible to control different zones based on the real-time location of each family member. For instance, dim the dining area lights and switch the TV on when the kids leave the dining table and move to the sofa, meanwhile to keep the kitchen light on when someone is washing the dishes.

Furthermore, due to the precise nature of this sensor, it can be set up to detect falls, making this ideal to use for caregiving roles where someone may be vulnerable to falling over. There is no need to wear an additional device. Families and caregivers can be alerted by both local siren and remote alerts if the FP2 sensor detects a fall, which allows them to seek immediate assistance if necessary.

For fall detection, the FP2 needs to be ceiling mounted and with the fall detection mode, some of the detection features become unavailable.

Aqara has also pointed out that this is more privacy orientated than the intrusive nature of an indoor camera. While you may not see exactly who is in your home, you can get accurate and meaningful alerts about movement around your home.

Like many of the other Aqara products, the FP2 can be used with third-party platforms like FP2 Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Home Assistant.

Once the zones are set up in the Aqara Home app, the zone configuration can be synced to these platforms as multiple motion/occupancy sensors, allowing users to trigger zone-based automation with a wide variety of third-party smart home devices. Support of the new smart home standard, Matter, is also planned for the FP2, and will be added to the device via a subsequent OTA update.

Aqara has also suggested a lot of other future features that this could be used for. Examples include posture detection, which not only recognises falls but also other postures, including standing, sitting, and lying. Sleep monitoring and respiratory rate detection capabilities could also be achieved Aqara expects to roll out some of these features OTA at a later date.

The sensor is also IPX5 rated, making it suitable for bathrooms, and it has a built-in light sensor.

Unlike some of the other Aqara sensors, this requires 2.4GHz, and it needs to be plugged in. It uses a USB-C to USB-A cable giving you flexible installation options.

Due to the advanced nature of this sensor, it is on the pricy side, but it is far superior to any other motion sensor you will have used before.

Price and Availability

The Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 has an RRP of £99.99, but it is already available discount on Amazon for 82.99. Amazon stores across Europe also have it in stock. For the US, it isn’t showing it in stock just yet, but it should be available soon from

In celebration of the launch, Aqara offers a 15% discount for the new device on the Amazon brand stores, and the promo codes and product links are as following. The offer is valid through April 22. 

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