Aqara Announces Thread based Product Lineup

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I have been impressed with the Aqara products I have reviewed recently. The Zigbee based system is perfect for anyone looking for an affordable way to set up a smart home.

While Zigbee is a fantastic smart home protocol, there is a new kid on the block called Matter, which is backed by the Zigbee Alliance.

The development of Matter has been ongoing for years and is backed by basically every big player in the game. As well as Zigbee, this includes ARM, Google Nest, OSRAM, Samsung, Somfy, Qualcomm, Yale, and even Apple have joined up. Many of these companies were already part of the Zigbee Alliance.

Matter should address some of the weaknesses of Zigbee thanks to its IP-addressable nature, which should make devices connecting to the Internet much easier. Zigbee and Matter should be able to work harmoniously with each other, so it makes a lot of sense that Aqara is starting to push out both Matter hardware and update their hubs to support Matter.

As the start of this new line, Aqara will release the new version of the iconic Door and Window Sensor and Motion Sensor with Matter technology built-in in the second half of 2022. 

Aqara has announced the commitment to Matter in September 2021, and we will bring Matter support to the existing Zigbee-based products by pushing the OTA update to the Aqara hubs, the M2 and the M1S.

Full Press Release

Aqara Announces Matter-based Product Lineup, Underscoring Commitment to Matter Adoption

Aqara, a provider for smart home products, today announces its plan to introduce a new line of devices that are based on Matter, an IP-based, low power, wireless networking protocol for smart homes and businesses. As the start of this new line, the Company is expected to release the new version of its iconic Door and Window Sensor and Motion Sensor with Matter technology built-in in the second half of 2022. The new Matter products from Aqara are designed to provide consumers improved connected home experiences with higher compatibility, reliability, power efficiency, and security.

Aqara has always offered a series of innovative, home automation products that work with major third-party ecosystems including Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home. As the industry continues to evolve toward a unified IoT standard, Aqara will continue to support smart home interoperability. In September 2021, Aqara has announced its commitment to Matter, a new industry standard for smart home devices that is developed and led by some of the biggest technology companies.

As part of its commitment, Aqara will bring Matter support to its existing Zigbee-based products by pushing the over-the-air (OTA) update to the Aqara hubs, the M2 and the M1S*. The software update will expose the Aqara child devices to Matter, allowing them to connect with other Matter-compatible third-party devices. This approach assures a seamless interaction between the two protocols, and Aqara users will be able to keep their existing Zigbee devices while accessing the benefits of Matter.

The new Matter-based product lineup from Aqara provides users one more option to enter the Matter ecosystem. As one of the pillar connectivity technologies for Matter, Thread enables IoT devices to connect natively to Matter. The Aqara Matter products also integrate Bluetooth Low Energy for a better connection and operating experience.

Moreover, the Aqara Matter devices will still have some of the same and most popular features seen from the Zigbee product line, such as the long battery life and low-latency connection, while also bringing reliability to a new level with Matter’s mesh networking and “self-heal” ability.

As a partner of NXP Semiconductors, Aqara will showcase some of its latest Matter-based sensors at the NXP demo booth during CES 2022.

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