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Kuaifit is a brand I have not heard of before, and they appear to be a relatively new company targeting the sports headphone market.

In order to differentiate themselves from all the other affordable sports brands on Amazon, they combine their earphones with an app that provides your training plans and fitness coaching for a wide range of activities

They have recently launched a new product, the K Sport Headphones, which are a true wireless pair of sports headphones and they are running a Kickstarter campaign for them.

At £5,000 their target was quite small, and this has already been reached within 48 hours.

These earphones will cost $59 usually though I am not sure about the exact UK pricing, that works out as £45-ish, making them some of the cheapest wire free options on the market. If you buy them via Kickstarter you can get 66% off via the Super Early Bird option and pick them up for just £15 which is an absolutely insane price for wire-free headphones.

Kuaifit have been kind enough to send me an early sample to try out, so you are reasonably safe in the knowledge that they have finalised this product.

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Design and Build

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I had forgotten how cheap these were when they first arrived and was disappointed to have them arrive in basic looking packaging and find out these don’t have a charging case but require a microUSB connection each. Thankfully they include a split cable to you don’t waste two ports, and taking the price into account I think this design choice is forgivable.

They have quite an elongated shape to them with the main compartment sitting reasonably far outside of your ear relying on the seal from the eartip to hold them in place. Each earpiece weighs 4.5g according to my scales making them lighter than both the Xfyrro XS2 and the Sudio Nivå

They have an all plastic construction which feels cheaper than the other earphones I have reviewed, but again understandable based on price. The large K logo on the outside of each earpiece is the button, you hold this down to power them up, and single or double clicks carry out various functions.

The microUSB port is located at the base of each earpiece, and there is no rubber seal to protect them. They are IPX5 rated which means they are protected against “Water projected in powerful jets (12.5 mm nozzle) against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.” So they should be sweat and rain proof.

Overall due to the price, these were never going to be amazingly constructed, but they feel decent enough, and I have had no issues with this since my testing.

Set up & Fit

There is no need to use the App to use the headphones; they work just like any other wire-free headphone. In fact, these are the first pair of wire-free headphones that have paired instantly without issue, I always have a problem getting one earphone to pair with the other, or the phone won’t pair with the earphones as they have already connected to each other. These just did it straight away, no fuss no muss.

I have frequently said in my reviews that I am not a big fan of wire-free, especially for exercise, they never fit perfectly and you always risk one falling out. Well, it appears Kuaifit have designed these perfectly for my ears, as they slip into place easily establishing a nice secure seal and there is no movement from them when I move around. I found the fit so good that I even risked using them on the treadmill and managed an hour of varying intensity without them falling out once.

I have realised I should provide a word of warning with headphone fit comments. Just because they fit amazingly for me, doesn’t necessarily mean they will for you, and by proxy, the performance of the headphone will alter based on a good or bad fit. I think I have weird shaped ear canals as I struggle to get a good fit with a lot of brands.


Most likely due to the excellent fit, these sound very good, again, based on the price. They can’t compete with the Bose SoundSport or the 1MORE 1001BT, but both of them cost over ten times more than the early bird price of these.

I find they have a similar sound profile to one of my other favourite budget earphones by Yobola. They are not acoustically accurate, but they provide a good level of volume with an excellent level of bass and decent mids and highs. There is no harshness to the higher ends, and their ability to produce decent bass at a moderately high volume is perfect for working out with high tempo or aggressive music such as metal, hip-hop and electronica.

Overall, these are not going to win any awards for their sound quality, but I don’t really like running around with £200+ earphones on me, and for the price, I think these do very well.


Kuaifit is keen to push the fitness training aspects that are provided through their app. From what I can gather with these headphones nothing is connecting the two. KuaiFit have another pair on Amazon that has a built-in HRM and the app will integrate with that.

You can still use these with the app, just like you can use any other headphones with it. They come with a 3-month trial and following that the training features costs $4.99 per month.

The app works similar to fitness apps where you can track your run with GPS and its integrated heart rate tracking. This tracking is then complimented by vocal coaching, so for example on the half marathon option, you have to run a 1 mile warm up on the first day, followed by other tempos.

Similarly, there are weight lifting plans, on the arms one I tried there was not a great deal of audio coaching going on here. It appears that the coaching and training plans are user submitted and they earn money from the subscription. It means there are quite a lot of plans on the store, and most of them appear to be decent, but the quality will vary.

Overall, the app is decent enough; there is a wide range of training plans for running, cycling, and weightlifting so something for everyone. It will no doubt be useful if you struggle to follow a regular regime for fitness. I work out every day at the same time, so it is a bit redundant for me.


For a budget pair of wire-free headphones, there is nothing to fault about these really. The early bird price makes these the cheapest true wireless earbuds on the market and based on that they are well worth the investment.

If you pick these up after the Kickstarter campaign, the RRP is $59 which would be about £45. If that is the final price, they are not quite as cheap as some of the options on Amazon, many of which include a charging case. However, from my personal experience, these fit better than any other true wireless alternative I have used regardless of price, and they sound better than any other budget option I have tried.

You can back the Kuaifit K Sport Headphones Kickstarter campaign today and get these for just £15

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K Sport Headphones With In-Ear Personal Trainer

Product Name: K Sport Headphones With In-Ear Personal Trainer

Offer price: 15

Currency: GBP

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  • Design and Build - 65%
  • Fit - 90%
  • Sound Quality - 80%
  • Price - 90%

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