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I reviewed the 1MORE E1001 last year and to this day they are still my favourite wired in-ear headphones I have used, if you get a good seal with your ears the sound is exceptional, with a deep but well balanced based and overall just a very pleasant sound profile. I still use them semi-frequently but thanks to the Mate 10 Pro not having a 3.5mm jack it is not as often as I would like.

Today 1MORE have announced the logical successor to the E1001 with the Bluetooth variant. They have bucked the trend of going completely wireless similar to the AirPods and these use a large neckband which contains all the battery and other components leaving the earphones to sit comfortably in your ear without anything weighing them down.

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1MORE E1001BT Tripple Driver BT 5

Apple fans may scoff at this approach to headphones but from my experience, I find it far superior to wirefree and I even prefer them to wired headphones that keep the battery within the earphone themselves similar to the Bose SoundSport. The neckband design allows you to keep all the bulky components sitting on your neck while the earpieces can sit in your ears unencumbered just as if you were using wired headphones.

What made the 1MORE E1001 so good and a surprise hit from a new brand, was the high-quality triple driver system. Prior to these triple drivers were largely exclusive to high-end headphones costing several hundreds. Cheaper headphones use a single dynamic driver to cover all the ranges which reduces costs and complexity in manufacturing. With single drivers, the headphone will often struggle to perform well in certain ranges as it needs to accommodate as many as possible, so you may have something that favours bass but then struggles with clarity in the highs.

1MORE E1001BT Tripple Driver BT 3

The 1MORE E1001BT uses two balanced armatures and a separate dynamic driver so you end up with a system similar to a traditional speaker with dedicated bits for highs, mids and base this allows them to produce a more accurate and richer quality of sound compared to a single driver.

So the 1MORE E1001BT should bring with it the exceptional sound quality from its wired brother and then combines it with Hi-RES LDAC transmission technology provides a meticulous sounding wireless listening experience that does not affect sound quality. LDAC enables 990 kbps of transmission speed which is 3 times higher than ordinary Bluetooth.

In comparison, other manufacturers including Apple uses AAC for their transmission technology which is only capable of 250kbps. The 1MORE E1001BT works perfectly well with AAC and Apple, but to experience the higher quality LDAC as you will a phone capable of LDAC which some Xiaomi models include and the latest Android Oreo update should enable for some other devices.

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1MORE E1001BT Tripple Driver BT 4


They also have something called Environmental Noise Cancellation Technology (ENC) which has a precise microphone array that efficiently
filters out background noises, meaning communication remains crystal clear no matter which environment you are in. This is the first time I have ever seen this term, you normally get Active Noice Cancellation or Passive Noise Cancellation. It sounds like they are doing ANC but the fact they have not used that term suggests to me that they either don’t or the performance is not on par with other ANC options such as Bose.

1MORE E1001BT Tripple Driver BT 2

Finally, these use USB-C for charging and the reported play time is 7 hours. The press release also says a USB-C to 3.5mm so it is possible you can use them in wired mode with them taking a charge from the 3.5mm port.

These will be available from 24th of September for £119 via Amazon

I received my review sample this week and expect to have the review live over the next few days.

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1MORE E1001BT Tripple Driver BT 1

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