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Does a VPN Make Your Internet Faster?

The popularity of VPNs has increased significantly in the last few years. There are thousands of available VPN options out there and it’s getting harder and harder to choose a solid provider. Companies like CyberGhost, Nord VPN, AVG and many others are in the race for the most popular VPN. And while the AVG VPN review may not be too flattering right now, there is so much competition out there that you’re likely to find something that fits your needs if you only do a bit of research. Competition in the marketplace is a great thing! Using a VPN...

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What if your VPN is spying on you?

A VPN is supposed to keep you safe online. But what if the VPN itself is compromised? Free and bundled VPNs aren’t always all they’re cracked up to be. And even high-end VPN providers can present privacy issues of their own. Why does it matter if your VPN spies on you? A VPN that collects your data has to store that data somewhere. Even if it does nothing with it, that could well be sensitive business data that you now don’t have control over. It can be hacked, leaked, lost or sold as an asset if the company gets...

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Surfshark VPN Review – An affordable VPN with unlimited devices and Netflix Score 90%

Surfshark VPN Review – An affordable VPN with unlimited devices and Netflix

I have reviewed a few VPN services recently, all of which have been quite good, but I am always on the lookout for new affordable options. Surfshark appears to be a relatively new VPN for Android and Windows, but with their current Christmas promotion, they are quite an appealing choice. At the moment you can pick up 24 months of access for just £38.16. However, their monthly plan is quite expensive, though this is not unusual for a VPN. Get the SurfShark VPN for Android Privacy With them being reasonably new they are not listed on but they...

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