I personally use headphones for a couple of hours a day, primarily at the gym. The problem here is that I sweat a lot, and I am just generally a bit clumsy. Wired headphones always snag and break. Any headphone with electronics like controls always dies eventually. Wireless ones inevitably get lost or put through the wash. So as much as I love my Bose SoundSport headphones, I like to use cheaper models too.

Yobola is one of the many affordable brands selling Bluetooth headphones on Amazon. Priced at just £15.99, these are affordable enough that I am not overly concerned about their longevity, though I would hope for 4+ months use out of them at least. Though with Amazon's excellent customer service, if they break you should always be able to get them replaced.

This pair uses a design I am quite fond of, all the electronics are contained in the earpieces, and they are anchored onto your ears with a plastic hoop. Personally, I find this style very comfortable; the loops help keep the weight from pulling down on your ear and reduce them dropping out, especially during exercise. If they do fall out of your ear canal, they always remain on your ear, so much less faffing around.