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The world of table games is changing. A lot of these games have been popular for centuries, and while many of the modern games we think of have only taken their current form in recent decades, some games date back to the 16th or 17th century. Some card and board games with similarities were available even before this.

Table games have moved online

In the world of gambling, table games have been hugely influential for a long time, but there has been a growth in popularity as games have gone online in the last 20-30 years. The very first online casinos can be dated back to the 1990s, but they were very basic and usually only focused on one or two games.

A look at some of the popular casino games now shows people just how many different options there are. Not only have a lot of the most famous table games gone from being offline only to having online versions, there are even some new variations of these games that have cropped up thanks to the interesting mechanics that can be offered via online gaming.

In this guide, we look at some of the most popular table games and providing some basic info so that people who potentially want to try a new game can determine which game is best for them.

Poker – A game of strategy and people-reading

Poker classifies as a table game even though a lot of people think of it as its own entity. There are still around 10,000 physical poker tables around the world where games take place, as well as countless virtual options for people to log in and play on their computer or mobile device.

Poker has many variations, but Texas Hold’em is the most popular variety. In this game, there is an element of skill to things, both in terms of reading what might happen in the game and understanding people and their body language.

Reading people is harder when playing on a mobile phone, but it is still possible to work out whether they are gambling aggressively or whether they are bluffing a lot, meaning that there is skill and strategy involved. Some people prefer a game that they feel they can influence like this, while others would rather just have a random spin on a slot game and see what happens. There’s no right or wrong.

Poker has spawned online tournaments, even Masterclass courses from some of the best players in the world trying to share their skills. It can be played among a group of friends, or it can be played as a competitive online game with either cash games or tournaments.

Baccarat – AKA Punto Blanco

Baccarat has its origins back in Europe, but it has been popular in North America and Central America for some time.

The game has a simple appeal as it allows players to bet on either the player’s hand, the dealer’s or a tie, before more cards are dealt to both hands. The idea is to predict the hand that is going to get closer to a value of nine, but there are other rules about the cards, as face cards are worth nothing and aces are low. If the value of the hand is over nine, then the value relates to the last digit of the number. Two 8 cards give a value of 16, which counts as 6.

Once you’ve watched a few hands of the game, it is easy to understand what is going on. The game relies totally on luck and there is no skill involved at all, which means that players should be aware of the randomness before they start playing.

Roulette – Spinning the wheel

Another game that is totally random in its outcome that a lot of people enjoy playing is roulette. There are a couple of different popular variations of roulette, including American roulette and European roulette. The only real difference is the number of green zero spaces on the wheel, which impacts the house edge.

Some people enjoy watching a roulette game and seeing how things unfold. In terms of betting, there are multiple ways to play and levels of risk that players can choose. Players can bet on a specific number, colour or range of numbers in which the ball will end up.

In person, the game is played by physically spinning a wheel with a ball on it. Wherever the ball settles in one of the grooves of the board, that is the winning number and colour combo. You can clearly see that it is totally random. Online, the random outcomes of the game are dictated by a random number generator, as this is a way for the casino companies to create a totally unique outcome for every single game that is played, and keep it fair, with every player having the same chance to win.

Roulette is a game that most of us have seen on television or in movies even if we don’t have first-hand experience playing it.

Craps – A dice game

Craps is a game with a rich history that can be dated back centuries. It was originally being played in Europe but has become super popular in the US. There are lots of craps tables in casinos and they are known for drawing a crowd as people enjoy watching the outcome, even if they’re not betting.

The game is quick and full of interesting gameplay features, with the live dealer adding a certain something to the game. There are also a lot of different ways of betting, such as betting against any shooter at the craps table.

On first glance, it might be a game that is a little bit tricky to work out, and there are some words used that players also might not understand. It is definitely a good idea to watch some people play craps and read some full guides before playing it yourself, as you’ll want to understand how it works before placing any bets.

Blackjack – AKA 21

This is another game with some level of skill involved. While you still need a lot of luck if you’re going to be successful, there are ways that people can implement a strategy when playing blackjack. This means that they can potentially base their play on a level of risk tolerance or other factors during the game.

Some people have even made guides on when to hit or when you should stick in the game of blackjack. If you go to an in-person casino anywhere in the US, you’re likely to see the game referred to as blackjack, but it does have other names throughout the world, including 21 and Pontoon. Blackjack is thought to originate from a promotion some casinos ran where players would win extra if they received a black jack card as part of their drawn cards.

Blackjack has a few different variations and rules regarding how it is played and when the players can bet. Some games have refund conditions if you have the same number as the dealer, for instance. If you’re going to play this game, be sure that you fully understand the rules.

Other table games

There are more table games out there, such as Pai Gow and Sic Bo, which originated in Asian countries and have spread throughout the world.

In Sic Bo, there are dice shaken in a bowl or container before being thrown onto the table. Players have the chance to predict things like the numbers that will be shown, the sums or the doubles or triple combos, which can provide long odds.

The best table game for any individual could even potentially be one of the more obscure games on the market.

Responsible gambling

If you’re going to try a table game and gamble for real money, then it is crucially important to do so responsibly.

Only bet what you can afford to lose and use the casino’s self-exclusion options if it is becoming too much for you. Responsible gambling helps to ensure everybody in the industry is safe and protected.


Just like in the world of video games, the amount of choice players have when it comes to playing games at online casinos is spectacular. On top of the fact that there are lots of different games anyway, many casinos are now adding new interfaces, minigames and other variations to table games to try to make them more interesting and put their own unique spin on things, whether that means baccarat or roulette, poker or one of the more obscure games that is growing in popularity. Everyone has their own preference between games of skill and games of luck, as well as the way table games are played, meaning that players have a huge level

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