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With the hot weather, many people will spend a lot more time in their garden over the next couple of weeks and perhaps wonder about ways to improve outdoor entertainment.

If you have already built your outdoor bar with its Perfect Draft beer machine and a nice BBQ and seating, you might want to consider an outdoor TV and speakers.

If you just want audio, then a good quality outdoor portable speaker will do the trick, but a TV is a bit more complex, and things start to get quite expensive, and you need either an outdoor TV or an outdoor TV enclosure.

Being in the UK, we need to consider the significant exposure to rain. The TV needs to be shielded from that heavy horizontal rain we get during a storm and also be able to take a few knocks from the inevitable things crashing into it due to the wind.

One thing I learned from writing this post is that it may be more affordable and logical to build an outdoor covered area that will provide sun shade and protection from heavy rain.

Sun Visible and Weather Proof Outdoor TVs

ProofVision Lifestyle

You can buy specialist outdoor TVs that are both weatherproof and claim to have a high brightness keeping the display visible in sunny conditions and should avoid the need for a dedicated outdoor TV enclosure.

While some of these TVs are fully waterproof, due to the price, I’d still be inclined to build some sort of protection around them, similar to the featured image.

ProofVision Lifestyle & Aire Outdoor TVs

Proofvision are a UK-based outdoor TV specialist, and they have a range of options available on Richer Sounds as a special order, and it is recommended to get a custom install. They are prohibitively expensive and not the sort of thing your average person is going to buy.

Prices start at £2000 for the 43” Lifestyle Plus, which is IP65 rated, meaning it is designed to be fully exposed to the elements. It even has a waterproof remote control. It is brighter than a normal TV but it is the Aire that has the brightest panels.

Prices hit £13k for the 75” Aire Plus, and even a more reasonably sized 65” TV is £5900. These models are twice as bright as the Lifestyle Plus and have the same IP65 durability.

KUVASION Weatherproof & Outdoor TVs

One of the main brands in the UK appears to be from a company called KUVASION. They have two styles of TV, one model that is weatherproof and is £1650 for just 43” or £3750 for 65”. These are advertised for full outdoor use being completely waterproof with an IP65, and should be the best option if the TV is going to be fully exposed to a lot of rain.

Then the more affordable option is an outdoor TV designed for a covered area which is £1,659 for the 55” model.

Samsung The Terrace

Samsung is the only big brand name with an outdoor TV. They have The Terrace, which is a weather-resistant outdoor TV with a rating of IP55. This claims to handle the heat from -30 to 50℃, and the IP55 is supposed to handle water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any angle.

For Samsung, they say the only thing you shouldn’t do is expose it to direct sunlight as it may damage the panel. Again, due to the expense, I’d still want some sort of enclosure around it, especially in the UK weather.

Best Weatherproof and Secure Outdoor TV Enclosures

If you think you can buy a normal TV and then a cheap outdoor TV enclosure to fully protect the TV, you are going to be disappointed.

Proofvision TV Pod

  • Robust and durable
  • Fully Sealed waterproof Pod
  • UV Protected
  • Vandal Proof
  • Temperature Control
  • Anti-Glare Screen
  • Colour / FinishBlack

The TV Pod is an outdoor TV enclosure from the same company that makes the expensive waterproof TV. The Proofvision TV Pod is an anti-theft, anti-glare waterproof TV enclosure.

At almost £800 for the 55-inch enclosure, it is not cheap, but it should fully protect any TV you put in there.

TV Shield

TV shield features
  • 1/4 Inch thick front panel secured to casing with security rivets (can not be unscrewed)
  • 1/4 Inch thick back housing, manufactured with outdoor plastics
  • 2 chambered and keyed locks
  • 2 vents to prevent heat build-up
  • Entire unit sealed to prevent moisture intrusion
  • Fan heater and moisture control

Even more expensive than the Proofvision TV Pod. The 60-65″ TV Shield outdoor enclosure will set you back £1800 or £1225 for the 52-55” model.

They don’t specifically state an IP rating, they just claim it is “everything proof”. The more expensive models come with a heater and fan to protect the TV in very cold conditions.

Storm Shell Outdoor TV Hard Cover

  • Waterproof, Impact Resistant, and UV resistant
  • Front Cover is fully removable for unimpeded viewing and sound from TV
  • TV Wall Mount Bracket is built from solid, heavy-gauge steel with a durable coated finish.
  • Fits most flat-screen TVs from 45 inches to 55 inches (diagonal screen)

Much more affordable, this is basically a big plastic box that goes around your TV. It has a hard shell front panel that needs to be removed when you use the TV.  

KHOMO Outdoor TV Cover

  • Compatible with LCD, LED, Plasma TV – 40 to 42 Inches
  • Clear front so you have the option to watch TV with cover (best for night) or remove the cover to watch TV (During day as it can create glare)

The two KHOMO covers I have listed are basically just soft material covers, and I would not recommend you use them to try and make a normal TV waterproof. However, they are cheap, and I would definitely use them for some added protection if I had bought one of the expensive outdoor TVs above.


  • Compatible with LED, LCD and Plasma TVs 46 to 48 inches.
  • All Year Protection! 500x300D High Density Polyester with a High Elasticity, Water Resistant PVC Coating Will Resist Any Weather Conditions

This is the same as the previous, but it doesn’t have a clear front. It can accommodate larger TVs.

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