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With the dominance of Alexa and Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings seems to have fallen on the wayside past couple of years. During Smart Home Week the SmartThings indicated they would be making a new push to promote the product and one of the reasons why it had not been more aggressively pushed was them waiting it out to see how these AI smart assistants played out.

It now appears that Samsung is ready to start pushing SmartThings again and have updated the hardware plus introduced some new supporting devices.

With its new wireless solution, the SmartThings Hub can now be placed anywhere in the home – giving you the flexibility to find the optimum spot without impacting your décor. All smart devices within the home can be controlled through the one SmartThings app, which is available on both Android and iOS, plus Samsung Smart TV’s and Family Hub refrigeration range.

SmartThings uses both Z-Wave and ZigBee which are both open standards allowing other companies to develop products that works with the SmartThings hub.  As you would expect with the updated hub it works with all voice assistants, whether you prefer Samsung Bixby, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant you can tailor your smart home to you.

The newly improved SmartThings Hub also allows you to:

  • Receive alerts and notifications from connected devices wherever you are when something unexpected happens in your home. You will know just in an instant if there is a leak or intrusion, and even better you will never have to worry about leaving anything on accidently like your oven, iron or hair straighteners
  • Manage connected devices in your home with SmartThings scenes for Good Morning, Goodbye and Good Night. For example, with a single tap to the Good Night scene on your app, you can arm your security alarm, lock the doors, turn off the TV and lights, activate motion sensors and link them to your security camera to start recording, change the temperature, and have a peaceful sleep knowing SmartThings is protecting your home.
  • Use Automation which can control devices and run scenes whenever certain conditions are met. Automate connected devices in your home and set them to turn on or off when doors are opened, as people come and go, and much more.

SmartThings Multipurpose Entryway3

To complement the updated hub SmartThings have also updated some of the sensors and peripherals you can get with the system. THis includes:

Multipurpose Sensor

The sensor opens up a world of possibilities, putting you in control of the things you want to monitor in your home. Consisting of two independent pieces, it works by alerting if you if one sensor is moved away from the other. You no longer have to worry if you’ve left your doors or windows open when you’re not home, and even removes the pain of fumbling for the light switch as you can set connected lights to turn on and off as you open doors, windows and even cupboards.

Motion Sensor

Take your home security to the next level with the new Motion Sensor, which lets you know if there’s any movement in your home. The sensor can be placed in the most challenging of areas thanks to a magnetic ball mount, and allows you to adjust the sensor angle up to 120 degrees to detect motion in its field of view.

After you’ve established a routine with the sensor you can set connected devices to turn on and off as you come and go.

Water Leak Sensor

The sensor will monitor for any moisture and let you know when a leak is detected, but most importantly turn off connected devices when it is, whether it’s your dishwasher or washing machine.

SmartThings WaterSensor2

The Button

Samsung also announces a new addition to the SmartThings range, the Button, which allows you to control lights, electronics, small appliances and monitor temperature at the touch of a button. You can customise actions with a single or double tap, or long press to set multiple lights, electronics, and small appliances to turn on and off.

There is no word on pricing or availability just yet but all the above products should be available froSamsungng and other online retailers soon.




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