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** User M Stilton won and was emailed, the parcel has been delivered and signed for. **

Having previously reviewed the unique Pisen hand warming battery power pack, I have now been sent the ColorPower Pro 10000mAh Battery Pack to review.

Similar to all the other battery packs I have reviewed this offers basic but essential battery charging functionality for every smartphone user. Battery technology doesn’t change much, so the size of the device is dependent on the charge it holds. Being a 10000mAh battery, this sits in the trouser friendly category and is small and light enough to carry around all day in whatever pocket you choose.

10000mAh is theoretically good for 3 charges of most modern phones so it should keep even then biggest power-user going for a full day without access to a plug socket.

This particular portable charger has 2 outputs allowing you to charge 2 devices at ones; it also includes an LED charge indicator so you can quickly identify how much juice you have left. In comparison to the Ravpower and Aukey products I have reviewed in the past, this is attractively designed with a CNC machined aluminium case. You can’t make these things look attractive, but Pisen has done the best they can.

Overall it works exactly as you would expect it to, and it is priced at £19.99 on Amazon which makes it marginally more affordable than other brands devices at this power rating such as Anker.

If you would like to win this portable charger, then enter via social media below.

Pisen ColorPower Pro 10000mAh Portable Charger
  • Overall - 80%

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