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On Sunday Huawei will announced their 5G foldable phone to the world, but one keen-eyed Twitter user caught the installation of and advertisement banner for the new phone. While it is possible this could be a fake it appears to be authentic and the timing of the advert installation coincides with the announcement.

One of the exciting things about foldable phones is how each company will implement it, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has two screens with the big foldable display bending in on itself. Xiaomi have a tri-fold design with the outer edges folding back around on themselves.

Huawei have taken a similar, but more elegant approach to the Royole FlexPai with the screen folding in half back on itself. The poster indicates that there is a raised lip on one of the edges and the overall design appears much nicer than Royole, but we will have to wait until Sunday to see how good it really is.

The phone will almost certainly come with the Hisilicon Kirin 980 as this is the flagship processor used by Huawei. It will also certainly include a 5G modem which will make it the first 5G foldable phone, and one of the first 5G phones to market. Beyond that, not much is known about the phone but I will have more information and hopefully a hands-on review on Sunday.

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