NextBase 512GW

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We reviewed the excellent NextBase 412GW dashcam in November last year. The 512GW is the model above it and it is supposed to replace the 512G offering a higher resolution and built in WiFI. In terms of features it is more closely related to the 412GW I previously reviewed but with  a better image sensor and more advanced night time shooting, along with a supplied polarising filter.

The specifications of this model include:

  • 140° ultra-wide viewing angle to capture all of the action
  • GPS records location and speed data to view your journey on a map
  • Click & Go Powered Magnetic GPS Car Mount
  • Innovative polarising filter to remove windscreen glare
  • Utilises the very latest Sony Exmor 2 sensor to provide unbeatable image quality
  • Intelligent Parking Mode automatically records when motion is detected
  • Wi-Fi link to playback footage quickly and easily on your phone or tablet
  • 1440p Quad HD recording at 30fps to provide high-quality footage
  • Time Lapse
  • Auto Dimming
  • High Dynamic Range improves the contrast in an image whilst maintaining clarity
  • Wide Dynamic Range image processing ensures clear recordings in bright and dark light
  • Supports SDHC and SDXC Micro SD cards (not included) up to 128GB (with latest Firmware Update)

The packaging includes an in-car power connector with a 12/24V accessory plug, the Click & Go mount, a software CD, a window sticker and some paperwork. You don’t get a MicroSD card so you will need to supply this yourself, as stated above, it will accept 64GB and should accept 128GB with a firmware update.

The dashcam has a very similar design as the 412GW, it is small enough to fit just in front of my rear-view mirror and not be annoying. The buttons are touch sensitive and are quite responsive during use. On the sides of the unit are ports for a rear view camera, another USB port, and the MicroSD slot.

Nextbase cams fit with a clever click and go system, the USB power is on the mount itself, and you can just unlock the unit without faffing around with wires.

The unit comes with a nice long USB adaptor, however, I opted not to use this as it blocks the cigarette adapter completely. I instead used a USB adapter and a spare long cable. It is possible to have this hardwired into your car and Halfords do this for a reasonable fee, I personally would highly recommend this, as it is far less messy.

The dash cam itself is very simple to use, once you have set up the date and time you can pretty much set it and forget it, it powers on when you switch your vehicle on and records immediately.

The screen on the cam is decent but not great, it is not on the same level as a mobile phone, but better than the Aukey I received the other week.

It is possible to download your videos via WiFi using the app and then connecting to it while in WiFi mode. This works adequately and will possibly be useful if you are on a trip somewhere and have no easy access to a PC. For me personally, I found it much easier just to slip out the MicroUSB or even remove the whole unit. If you remove the unit and connect via the port on the device itself, you can use it in mass storage mode and get the videos off it.

Within the menu of the dash cam, there are plenty of options to change, this includes changing the resolution, which is handy if you want to maximise the space on your MicroSD. Changing exposure, enabling/stopping audio recording. Changing country, speed units, speed display and much more.

The quality of the videos is excellent you can clearly see registration plates easily and it provides a nice wide angle using the 140 degrees lens, this helps ensure you capture as much as possible in the event of an accident. The video quality is one of the main selling points of 512GW, it has a 1440p Quad HD resolution, making it much higher res than most competing models. Running along the bottom of the video is your GPS location, speed, and time. This will no doubt be very handy in the case of an incident.

Unlike the Aukey I previously reviewed, there is a battery in the 512GW which allows it to record after the engine is off. The battery isn’t designed to last long but it covers you when you park up or continue recording following an accident.

Overall, this is a great camera, it is one of the more expensive models available but it justifies it with its features. Personally, considering how much insurance and cars cost, and the number of fraudulent claims there are, this is well worth the investment. £150 not could save you thousands in the future.

You can buy the Nextbase 512GW Dash Cam from Halfords for £149.99 and you can view the full range of Halfords dash cams here


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