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2019 is going to be big for mobile phones, for the past few years the industry has stagnated somewhat with market saturation and a lack of major technological breakthroughs.

While Huawei and Xiaomi have bucked the trend of declining sales globally others have not faired so well with Samsung seeing a 13% dip.

This could be set to change next year as companies are desperate to be the first to bring two technologies to the market, the first being the elusive bendable phone that has been in development for years but will likely see fruition any time soon. The second being 5G which will be the biggest thing to happen to data communications for years.

The initial rollout of 5G will just be about pure speed with a 490 Mbit/s median speeds for a common configuration, but it has a huge number of upgrades over the 4G network that will make a massive difference to our lives in the next coming years.

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New rumours indicate that Huawei will be releasing the Kirin 990 in early 2019, I would be inclined to say this is inaccurate, Huawei have only just launched the Kirin 980, and the trend is for a September announcement at IFA followed by the Mate Series announcement a month later. However, I believe a refresh is more likely with a Kirin 985 using the same 7nm process as the 980.

The rumour indicates that Huawei will be using the  Balong 5000 5G modem to achieve the 5G functionality.

The rumours also suggest the new chip is expected to consume 10 per cent less power and its overall performance may increase by 10 per cent.

Huawei is yet to confirm on the existence of the Kirin 990 or the 985, but with so many companies competing to be first out of the door with this technology, it is highly likely Huawei will announce a 5G enabled device prior to the expected Mate 30 announcement in October.

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