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Ever since the first Tesla cars were delivered to the customers, this company constantly strives to produce faster, more advanced, and ultimately, more futuristic vehicles. Every new Tesla model pushes the envelope further and introduces more and more specific technology, which results in unique products with unusual features. We realized that Tesla fans and prospective customers don’t know what favorite EVs are capable of, so here is a quick reminder of five things you don’t know Tesla can do.

1. Add Up To 170 Miles of Range in Just 15 minutes

The biggest concern of any EV owner in the range, but if you use Tesla Superchargers, you can add up to 170 miles of range (250 kilometers) in just 15 minutes which is insane and makes a Tesla smart, long-distance cruiser. Of course, if you want to charge your battery to the max, it would take longer, but 170 miles of range is more than enough to get you home. At home you have a range of charging accessories that can be used to charge your tesla, including charging stations, charging apps and EV charging cables.

2. Control Everything Through The Touchscreen

Tesla has been known for its minimalist approach when it comes to interiors with just two or no physical buttons. This means that everything is controlled through the touchscreen on the center of the dash. We know that many customers are used to physical dials and switches, but those things just clutter the design in modern cars. Tesla has a lot more intuitive approach with easy-to-use menus.

3. Outrun The Porsche 911

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You know that EVs are quick, but you will be surprised that Tesla Model S can outrun practically every petrol-powered sports car on the planet! With 0 to 60 mph time of just 2.5 seconds, Model S is blisteringly quick. However, even the less powerful and more affordable Model S or Model Y is capable of achieving the same speed in still impressive 3.2 seconds, which means that your neighbor’s 911 is no longer the quickest car on the block.

4. Much Safer In Accidents

Due to the lack of a big, heavy, conventional engine in the front of the car, Tesla is far safer in the unfortunate case of an accident. First, there is no lumpy engine to penetrate the cabin and injure occupants. Second, the front trunk (or frunk, as it is called) acts as a significant and very convenient crumple zone that protects the passengers from front-end collisions. This is why all Teslas have stellar crash test scores and amongst the safest cars on the road.

5. Smart Air Suspension

Having an electronically-controlled air suspension is nothing new in the car industry, and Tesla models have it as standard. Also, making it adjustable to road surfaces and driving conditions is cool, but we have seen it already. What is unique about Tesla is the feature that allows the clever suspension to memorize your driving habits, road surfaces, and locations and prepare for it. For example, suppose you need a maximum height exiting the parking garage. In that case, the car will remember the location and automatically raise your Tesla every time, avoiding scraping the front bumper when you enter or exit.  

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