Thermaltake V200 TG RGB PC Case Review 2

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In the past few weeks, I have reviewed a couple of premium Thermaltake cases including the Level 20 XT and the Level 20 GT RGB. While these cases are both lust-worthy, they are likely out of the budget range for many PC gamers.

The View 22 was an excellent affordable option, and today I have the V200 TG RGB which is not all that different from the View 22.

Features & Build Quality

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Similar to the 22 this has a full-length 4mm tempered glass panel on the left side, which is held on with thumbscrews in each corner. The right-hand side uses an old-fashioned slot on metal side. Unlike some of the more expensive options which use hinges, this is held into place with thumb screws.

This also has a full-length power supply cover that provides plenty of space to tuck away cables, while keeping airflow clear for your hard drives and PSU.

Size and overall build quality are mostly the same. The View 22 has a nice plasticy wavy front which some people may find more aesthetically pleasing, whereas the V200 has a traditional flat rectangular shape.

Beyond that, they do start to differentiate, and the V200 has several extras making it an appealing option. The flat front panel is clear acrylic and behind this sits three 120mm RGB fans and an included fan controller which can be controlled manually using the RGB button on top or via motherboard with LED control in them. The various RGB control options for motherboards includes: ASUS Aura Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync, ASRock RGB LED and BIOSTAR Vivid LED DJ.

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At the rear of the case, you get a single 120mm none RGB fan which is also plugged into the fan controller.

The RGB options available through the manual switch include RBB lighting, single colour, single colour breathing/pulsating, and lights off. A long press of the button will switch the lights to motherboard control.

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You can also optionally had two 140/120mm fans in the top, and the top can accommodate a 280mm radiator behind the front panel, which is cooled by intake on the right side.

Motherboards are supported up to o ATX size, tower CPU coolers with a maximum height of 160mm, and VGA length of up to 380mm

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I built a basic test system to see how easy this case was to work with; it is mostly the same as the View 22. However, cable management is a little harder, with the View 22 there was a raised section in front of the motherboard tray, this left lots of room behind it to run your cables. The V200 TG is flat across the entire case, giving an average level of cable management. The fans are all plugged into the controller which saves you some effort.

You get several cable routing slots, though the main ones running down the height of the tray are only just big enough to squeeze the main motherboard power cable through, so it took a little wiggling.

The PSU shroud so open on the motherboard side of the case, so this means it is quite easy to fit the PSU in and run the cables.


This case costs £79.49  which is about £25 more than the View 22, it has many similar features and apart from the front panel they look mostly the same. That extra £25 gets you three RGB fans and a fan controller pre-installed, that is compatible with motherboard RGB software. I think that is a reasonable price increase for the added features, and feel will make a tremendous affordable case for any gamer wanting some low-cost RGB with their build.

Thermaltake V200 TG RGB PC Case Review

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