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The Level 20 Series by Thermaltake commemorates 20 years of dedication to the PC industry and the range offers ultra-premium build quality, unique looks and an exceptional array of features.

The Thermaltake Level 20 GT has been the best full tower case I have ever used, and the Level 20 XT puts most of the Level 20 features in a unique and huge cube form factor that promises to be a modders dream.

Priced at around £195 it is £100 cheaper than the GT model but only comes with one basic 140mm fan. Due to the way this case is designed it appears Thermaltake have opted to only give you basic fan options so you can select your own elaborate cooling method.

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Design and Features

When I say this thing is huge I mean it, the box it came in only just fit through my front door. It adopts a none standard form factor with the motherboard sitting flat with the whole case being much longer than it is high. Having a flat motherboard means the case is particularly wide too, giving it enough width for 2 radiators in the roof.

The design means you can see right through the case as there is no motherboard tray blocking your view, which therefore allows you to show off your high-end components to the best of their ability. This is complemented with four 4mm tempered glass panels giving you an unobstructed view of everything in your case.

Having the motherboard sitting flat means you get a split-level design with all the core components on the top level, and the lower section housing the power supply, storage devices and additional cooling.

The sheer size of this means you get some exceptional cooling options. In particular, the wide and long body allows you to install two 480mm radiators on the top panel of the case. You can then compliment these with up to 480mm on the bottom or the left and right side. In the front of the case, you can fit a 360mm fan, with the rear being able to accommodate 140mm.

Fan compatibility is equally impressive, the front and top panels can handle 2 x 200mm fans or 2x140mm on the front, and 6x140mm on the top. The side panels can handle 4×120 or 3x140mm per side. The rear can even handle 2x140mm. I think that has to be the best cooling options out of any case I have reviewed and possibly any case on the market.

A removable top magnetic fan filter, front fan filter, and bottom filter provide excellent reduction against dust and better airflow. The front panel has space behind it allowing air to be pulled into the case by the large fans.

Thermaltake have implemented something called a Dismantlable Modular Design on their cases. This case is even more modular than the GT, with the entire motherboard tray being able to come out allowing you to fit everything outside of the case then refit inside. Similarly, the radiator mounts are all removable giving you the option to pre-mount everything first.

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Unlike many modern cases, you get a huge number of 3.5 cases with the option for 6 3.5” drives in their cages and another hidden one.

On the top of the case, you get the usual excellent modern I/O options including two USB 3.0, two USB2.0 and one Type-C port.

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Similar to the GT, my components do not do this case justice, as the case is screaming to be used for an elaborate custom liquid cooling set-up.

That being said I built my primary system in it to see how easy it would be. I can safely say this is the easiest case to build in I have ever used. Even though the motherboard tray is removable, I doubt you would need to remove it.

With the top and side panels removed you get almost an unobstructed access to every part of the motherboard and case during the build process. There is never a situation of trying to squeeze your hand or screw driver into awkward places.

The only minor issue I had with the build was that the Floe Riing 360 was only able to be mounted in the top panel, the size of the case and hose size of the cooler meant there was no chance of a front mounting.

With the double width and extra length of the case, you don’t have an issue of the drive cages being in the way of the PSU with the 2 sets of cases being in one side of the case and the PSU being in the other.

There are plenty of cable routing holes and in front of the motherboard it is completely open so you could even route cables that way.

As you can see from my basic build below, the case is pretty unforgiving with cable management, but the amount of space should make it quite simple to tidy things up. Having the radiator mounted in the top made it a little awkward for me to find a place to mount and hide the fan hub, it probably would have been best to attach it at the top then route cables to it. The  Thermaltake 360mm Floe Riing RGB Premium Edition all in one cooler that I reviewed while doing this build is completely dwarfed inside the case. It is the largest AIO that Thermaltake does, so if you want to get the best out of this case you will benefit greatly from a large custom water cooling solution.

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I think I actually prefer this case to the superb GT, the build process is so easy it is a joy to use, and the cooling options are phenomenal. At £200 I don’t even think it is priced that badly, there a lot of cases priced higher than this or at a similar level, many of which don’t offer the level of features available here. The lower cost compared to the Level 20 GT RGB is due to the limited fan selection, but this gives you £100 to spend on your own preference.

The main consideration is its form factor, I don’t think the overall size is larger than the GT model, but its width, length and height make placement in a room a little more difficult. If you are a fan of big cases this absolutely should be worth considering.

Overall, this has to be one of the best solutions on the market for high end builds incorporating elaborate liquid cooling set-ups.

While I have only reviewed a few cases this year, nearly all from Thermaltake, and it is not the end of the year yet, I have a strong suspicion it will be my favourite case of the year. It is cheaper than the GT and you get a lot more room to build in with an exceptional amount of cooling options and customisability.

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Thermaltake Level 20 XT Review

Product Name: Thermaltake Level 20 XT

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  • Overall - 94%

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    1. I don’t think they are designed to be, but due to its shape and size you should be able to in theory. The top panel is tempered glass though, so I am not sure I would want something very heavy on there. I will pass the question on to Thermaltake

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