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Following on from the review of the Thermaltake Level 20 MT that features three ARGB 120mm fans, I have been checking out the Pure 14 ARGB Radiator fans. As the name suggests these are designed for radiators and include extra long screws for mounting, however there is nothing stopping you using them as standard case fans.

Priced at £49.99 on Scan or £40.19 on Amazon these appear to offer fantastic value for money if you want an ARGB fans, giving you a price of around £13.40 per fan. The lowest price I can find for competing products is £15 for a Cooler Master MasterFan or £54 for the triple pack Cooler Master Refrigeration.

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These ARGB fans are designed for the mainstream market and feature compression blades, hydraulic bearing, and a 16.8 million colours LED ring with 9 addressable LEDs.

Thermaltake Pure 14

The fans are capable of 500rpm through to 1400 rpm with a max airflow of 70.32 CFM and a noise rating of 30.4dba though it doesn’t state what speed it runs at for this noise.

If you are not familiar with ARGB, it is a step up from normal RGB and allows you a much higher level of customisation over standard non-addressable RGB.

With non-addressable RGB, the whole strip/array of RGB LEDs displays one colour at any time. This colour can transition, shift, breath/pulse, etc, across the entire RGB LED colour spectrum – motherboards that support these provide a variety of snazzy themes/effects – but every RGB LED is always the same colour as all its neighbours at any given instant, the whole strip is “all or nothing”.

Thermaltake Pure 14 build

Addressable RGB, each RGB LED (or segment/block of RGB LEDs) can display a different colour and intensity than its neighbours. Some could be lit in one colour or lit in another or more intense or less intense while others are simultaneously displaying something else. Everything that non-addressable RGB does but more fancy animation/striping/chasing effects are possible.

Due to the ARGB nature, these fans feature two cables, a 4-pin header to control the PWM fan settings then a 4-pin ARGB plug. The three fans then connect either directly to the motherboard or to the included ARGB controller. This obviously does make cable management a little more complicated but all the fans include long cables and they can daisy chain together.

The ARGB controller is useful if you don’t have a ARGB built into your motherboard and it has controls for mode, colour and speed. The mode button has 7 options with Rainbow, full light, RGB spectrum, off, flow, ripple, pulse and blink. The colour is 8 different LED colours including rainbow. Finally, the slight speed has 4 settings going from slow to extreme.

While the set up does require a little more work than a regular fan, it is not really any more difficult. I think I prefer this style of fan rather than the USB version found with the more expensive Riing Trio fans. These are considerably cheaper, and you are not tied down to using the TT Sync Controller to get it to work with your motherboard.


There is nothing to fault about these fans, they are comfortably the cheapest ARGB option on the market from what I can tell, so if you want ARGB fans, then these are highly recommended.

The fans are easy to set up and good quality. The overall performance is excellent, though the more expensive Riing fans are possibly quieter and offer a more impressive appearance with the Riing LEDs circling the fan blades, however, they are double the price.

Overall, looking at competing products these appear to be one of the best buys out there, even most non-addressable RGB fans cost more than these.

Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync Radiator Fan Review

Product Name: Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync Radiator Fan

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Well under £50 for a three pack this is the best value 140mm ARGB package on the market

  • Oerall - 90%

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