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You have to give it to Thermaltake, they do their best to innovate and stand out from the crowd with what is technically a boring and simple product.

For years most fan makers have obsessed with decibel levels, static pressure and max air flow. At a certain point, you face laws of diminishing returns. A new quiet fan may only shave off a fraction of a decibel, and at some point, the flow of air becomes louder than the fan movement so max airflow is somewhat limited.

The Riing Trio adopts all the technologies you would expect from a premium fan, they are PWM controlled allowing for lower RPMs and quieter operation. They use a unique 9 blade design which is designed to generate higher airflow without compromising on the ultra-silent operation. It uses a self-lubricating hydraulic bearings which lowers operation noise while improving thermal efficiency. The seal cap prevents lubricant leakage and extends the lifespan of the unit.

All this accumulates to 19.8dBa using a fan speed of 500RPM or just 25.2dBA with the fan speed set to 1500RPM.

The max air flow of the Riing Trio fans is 41.13 CFM. This performance puts them close to the industry gold standard Noctua NF-P12 for quiet/performance fans. However, the issue with Noctua is they are notoriously ugly.

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Many companies have started to introduce LEDs into their fans, after all, if you have a tempered glass top or front panel, they are the main thing you will see. There are several RGB models on the market but Thermaltake has taken things to a new level with their implementation. Rather than a static RGB pattern, these new fans are powered by USB which then allows you to control them via the windows app giving you full control of both the colours and fan speeds. Furthermore, just to stay ahead of the pack, you even set these fans up to work with Alexa allowing you to control both fan speed and the colour settings with voice control. It sounds kind of pointless, but it allows you to pump up the performance of the fans when you game without having to mess around with the app.

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Thermaltake have 2 RGB fan options with the Riing Trio being the newest option and the other is the Riing Plus 12. They both have similar performance stats but the Riing Trio extends the RGB to the outer rim of the fan giving you 30LEDs in total compared to the 12 on the other model. The end result is a fan that is almost completely lit up. The only sections without LEDs are the rubber mount points. The downside is an increased cost, these are around £30 more at £120-130

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The fan headers are the same as a USB header you plug into a motherboard, thankfully you don’t have to use your motherboard options, this comes with a hub allowing you to plug up to 5 fans into it. You can daisy-chain multiple hubs giving you the option to install up to 25 fans in the system.

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Installation of the fans is very simple and with all the cables required to set things up are included. I already had the software installed and the fans were detected automatically. If you are running multiple hubs you need to set the hub number via the switches. Within the software, you can control every single LED per fan. So that’s 120 lights you can individually set. They are laid out with 6 central LEDs then 12 inner ring and 12 outer ring. It is a crazy level of customisation but this is why you pay a premium for these.

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Costing around 50% more than the TT Premium Edition Riing Plus which just had LEDs on the inner edge, I personally think these are a bit of a hard sell. Considering I have an R5 1600 which I paid £135 for I am not really the target market.

Visually the 30 LEDs and almost complete coverage of the Riing Trio is visually very impressive. If you are spending thousands on a high-end rig with custom water-cooling, spending £30 extra of 3 fans is probably not much of an issue. Considering an RTX2080ti can be over £1250 this is probably chump change to some gamers.

Performance wise these are great, you don’t get the intricate fan curve options like you do in a decent BIOS, but the automatic profiles of the TT software work well to keep the fans silent during normal use, and ramp up as temperatures increase.

If the price doesn’t put you off then these are a great option for a fan of RGB wanting to achieve the most aesthetic build possible.

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Thermaltake Riing Trio 12 Radiator Fans

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