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I will update this post with more deals as the day goes on. So far it is the computing deals that are the stand out choices, the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 is the best bang for your buck you can buy and more than enough for most builds, saving you some much-needed cash for a better GPU. Alternatively, the Ryzen 7 2700 is great for high end builds, it may not offer the absolute best performance but you will save a considerable amount compared to some Intel options giving you more money to put towards that RTX 2018 Ti….

The disappointment of this Black Friday is the truly shocking PS4 Pro deals. It has been rumoured that Sony is not interested in discounting the console as it is selling so well throughout the year as it is. I am now on the fence about a PS4 Pro or a OneX.

The triple pack of TP-Link Kasa smart plugs is a great deal. These and Philips Hue lights are perfect accompaniments for Alexa or Google Assistant. I have the power on my PC and all the other electronics in the morning before I get into my office, and my PC auto starts on power, so I am never waiting around. They are also very useful for using behind TV cabinets so you can remotely switch off the socket if needed without trying to get behind all your furniture. Similarly, they are good for remote booting a router if you are having internet issues.



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