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Vector Robot by Anki – Your Voice Controlled, AI Robotic Companion – £199

Cheapest previous price – £249

Vector by Anki has to be one of the cutest gadgets of the year, it is an adorable AI controlled robot that will entertain both children and adults alike.  With over 1500 facial animations and sound effects you genuinely start to care about Vector as you use it, I loved how its little eyes lit up when it recognised my face.

During my review, the main issue I had with it was the price, but with a £50 reduction, I think this would make a truly amazing gift for someone this year. In the future, Anki will be making Vector Alexa compatible allowing you to control your whole home via this cute little robot.

Anki Vector

Cozmo Robot by Anki – A Fun, Interactive Toy Robot, Perfect for Kids –  £119

Cheapest previous price – £159

Cozmo is the slightly less smart robot that became before Vector. With this robot, all the processing power is done by your smartphone rather than on the phone itself. It has the same adorable looks of Anki, along with those emotive facial expressions.

One of the appealing aspects of Cosmo is the Code Lab which is designed for children to explore, organize, and express their ideas creatively by programming their Cozmo. As your programming skills advance, you can even access advanced features via the Python SDK making this a suitable learning tool for both children and adults. I think this easily justifies its price.

Nintendo 2DS XL + 3 games £129.99

Cheapest previous price – £136 for console only

The Nintendo Switch may be a huge success but it is still quite expensive for some. This 2DS deal is a great affordable option and includes at least two superb games with Zelda and  Animal Crossing

Sony WH-1000XM2 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones – £199

Cheapest previous price – £244

Many people claim that these are better than the Bose QuietComfort 35 and at £199 this is an amazing price, £45 cheaper than ever before. While this is still a lot of money if you travel a lot, especially long-haul flights investing in a decent pair of active noise cancelling headphones will be one of your best buys ever.

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Sennheiser HD 4.50 Special Edition (Black Colour) – £89.99 

Cheapest previous price – £139

While the Sony or Bose options provide class-leading active noise cancellation, they are still quite expensive, and you can get perfectly decent ANC with other options. You can rarely go wrong with any Sennheiser products and these are both well reviewed and £50 cheaper than they have ever been.

Crucial MX500 2 TB Internal SSD – £209.98

Cheapest previous price – £295

With this drive, you can totally ditch spinning disk drives eliminating noise and the frustration of slow disks. This should be big enough for the vast majority of users and if you need more you really should be investing in a NAS. At this price it is over £90 cheaper than it has ever been.

Harman Kardon BDS 635 5.1 Blu-Ray System – £277.99

Claimed previous price £999

The RRP is a load of rubbish, and I am not a big fan of all in one system such as this, although I do use a Bose soundbar. But if you want an affordable 5.1 system then you can’t complain about this price.

TENDA Nova MW3 Whole Home WiFi System – Triple Pack – £59.99

The Tenda Mesh Wi-Fi system receives favourable reviews on Amazon, it won’t be as good as the Netgear Orbi, but this is an absolutely insane price for a whole home Wi-Fi system.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro – £0 upfront – £27 p/m – 80GB 4G, Unlimited Calls & Texts £648 @ SmartPhone Company

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is easily my favourite phone of the year, it is exceptional in nearly everything it does with a specification that puts most flagship devices to shame, but with an RRP of £899 it is very expensive.

If you can cope with the hassle of cashback redemption deals then you can pick up this phone for a total cost of £648 over two years with an amazing contract thrown in.

There is zero upfront, and the monthly fee that will leave your bank account is £37, however, this includes a £240 cashback which you need to claim after 6 months then every three months after. The 80GB a month data allowance is fantastic normally deals like this give you practically no data.

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