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Physical security remains a top concern for businesses in 2023, with reports suggesting 75% of organizations consider business security to be an increasing priority. The cornerstone of any effective physical security system continues to be well-managed access control, though with so many different options available to businesses, it can be difficult to find an appropriate solution.

To help property owners and security teams find an ideal solution able to meet their unique requirements, this short guide will cover the 5 best physical access control systems in 2023.

1. Avigilon Alta Access Control

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Formerly known as Openpath Access Control, Avigilon Alta produces a range of mobile and cloud-based access control systems for both small and large-scale businesses. Their multi-tech readers support a wide variety of credential types, including smartphone access, PIN codes and proximity cards, and can be integrated into wider security systems to form proactive solutions.

  • Cloud-based management enables remote-access functionality
  • Easily installed using standard wiring and snap-in mounts
  • End-to-end encryption applied to all communications
  • Automatic updates and offline sync included as standard

For a more detailed analysis of Avigilon Alta systems, check out this Avigilon Alta (formerly Openpath) access control review.

2. Honeywell Access Control 

Honeywell access control solutions are primarily aimed towards enterprise level organizations, with an interface designed for intuitive integrations with wider security systems such as video security cameras and on-site alarms. Honeywell systems include an integrated browser-based interface to simplify the management of connected systems, with support for 3rd party solutions.

  • Automated maintenance and updates service included 
  • “Plug and play” installation using CAT 5 and Ethernet cabling
  • No restrictions on the number of active credentials
  • Software supports up to 40 recorders and over 2,500 cameras

For more information on Honeywell access control systems, visit the brand’s official website.

3. Salto Smart Locks

Salto primarily produces a variety of simple smart locks for use in commercial and residential properties. These systems are mostly cloud-based, allowing customers to control installed lock mechanisms and manage user permissions from a dedicated smartphone application, with extra options for wider occupancy tracking and visitor management integrations also readily available. 

  • Encrypted digital credentials
  • Real-time access logs and alerts
  • Adjustable time-based access features 
  • Compatible with most door hardware 

To learn more about Salto smart locks, take a look through the company’s official website.

4. ADT Access Solutions

ADT is an internationally renowned security system supplier, and as such, their access control solutions are fairly well-respected. ADT access solutions are designed to be integrated with the brand’s existing alarm, fire protection and CCTV systems, so businesses already operating ADT devices should find it easy to install and configure these access systems to suit their needs.

  • 24/7 customer support and system monitoring 
  • Options for biometric and mobile credentials available 
  • Keycard readers and 2-way intercoms as standard
  • Professional installation included 

Find out more about ADT access control systems by following this link.

5. Bosch Access Systems

Bosch access control security systems are designed to provide businesses with an all-in-one security solution combined within a single visitor management platform. The brand produces a wide range of additional security devices that can be seamlessly integrated into the platform, including intrusion alarms, video security systems, conference systems and PA devices.

  • Multiple credential types including biometrics, card readers and keypads
  • Well-suited to large-scale installations like stadiums and shopping centers 
  • End-to-end encryption applied to all communications
  • Open API supports a variety of 3rd party integrations 

Discover the full range of Bosch access control systems on the brand’s official website.

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