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As someone that has had a lot of sleep issues over the past decade or so, I am always on the lookout for new ways to improve or monitor my sleep. Things have improved a lot, but my sleep is still pretty crap by most people’s standards.

The Soundasleep pillow is an exciting blend of incredible comfort and digital technology. With a built-in Bluetooth speaker, merging the worlds of sound and sleep has never been easier. The pillow contains a multi-function button, a zip pocket that hides the micro USB charging cable, and the Bluetooth speaker, all encased in a quilted microfibre cover to ensure prolonged comfort.

I am not really a fan of listening to music or anything else when I try to sleep, I do my best to maintain good sleep hygiene I just read a book before I sleep. So, the combination of this being a Polyester pillow and speaker was not initially that appealing.

However, one area I have not explored much is meditation, and this gave me as good a reason as any to finally start trying meditating out.

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At £39.99 on Amazon, this isn’t cheap as far as a regular pillow goes, this is about the price you might pay for a good goose down or latex pillow. A decent poly pillow on Amazon will typically set you back about £15, so you are paying about £25 extra for the Bluetooth speaker, which I don’t think is too bad. I have no major objection to polyester pillows, but I overheat extremely easily, so I am doing my best to avoid man-made materials.

As far as a Polyester pillow goes though, this is quite good, it is big and plush and reasonably soft, it has quite a high loft so even though it is soft you get a good level of support. The quilted design looks and feels premium so I would say you are getting what you pay for here. During my use I didn’t suffer too much with this being warm either, I think it is less my head that overheats but the rest of my body.

Inside the pillow is the speaker, during my use I never found this got in the way, I think they have made the pillow deliberately plush to cushion the speaker. I also suspect it may use some form of flat flexible speaker.

In one of the corners you will find the power button, and inside the zip is a microUSB charging cable. The button is quite a large plastic object so you maybe want to avoid that corner when sleeping. I never had any issues with it though. There is a switch on the charging cable that you will need to switch to the on position to get the speaker to work/pair.

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Soundasleep advertises all sorts of compatibility with this pillow including Spotify, Headspace, Alexa and many more, but at the end of the day it is compatible with these apps because it is just a Bluetooth speaker. Soundasleep have their own app though, and this folds in a lot of functions you may want from this pillow such as smart alarm, mindfulness meditation and even a snore management feature.

The App is quite good; it is well made and designed, the functionality is basic but easy to use, they keep things down to the essentials which is a good thing.

The audio options are either from your playlist or under the meditation section. The meditation isn’t guided breathing exercises like you would find in Headspace but soothing sounds such as water and nature.

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When you start a sleep session, it asks about variables from the day including caffeine, alcohol, exercise and stress. So, you can build up an idea of what has caused poor sleep.

Then when you start your sleep, it will record sounds, and if you have set up the snoring function, it will wake you at your defined noise levels.

I primarily use the pillow with headspace, I have only tried out a few sessions with it so far. I can’t say it is my favourite activity to do, but I think that is often the case when getting into meditation. It also hasn’t helped too much with my sleep, but it is very early days. It does seem to temporary stop racing thoughts from the day so I guess in this respect it is working.

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When in use the speaker is decent, I am not going to compare this to a standard Bluetooth speaker where I will discuss its ability to produce deep lows, as that is the opposite of what this is trying to achieve. However voice audio and gentle music are quite clear, there is no muffled nature to the sound or any tininess like you would get from a cheap speaker. If anything, I thought it was quite loud if you plan on using this with your partner in the bed. You can obviously turn this down, but at the end of the day this is a speaker and not earphones so it is always going to be audible for someone else in the room.


I entered this review with low expectations as I had no interest in listening to something before I sleep. However, I have come away quite liking the Soundasleep pillow, it doesn’t exactly do anything revolutionary, it is after all just a pillow with a speaker in it, but it does what it does well. If you have any interest in starting meditation, then this is a harmonious product that will help you finally commit to it.

The official pricing is £50, but on Amazon, it is £39.99, and for that, you are getting a high-quality polyester pillow and speaker with a well-designed app which I think is more than reusable.

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Soundasleep Bluetooth Speaker Pillow Review

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