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If you liked the look of the Thermaltake Level 20 GT RGB, I reviewed last year but can’t afford the £250+ price tag then the Level 20 MT ARGB could be the case for you.

Priced at a very reasonable £84.98 on Scan or £79.99 with Overclockers this case offers both premium features and looks for RGB fans on a budget.

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While this may adopt the Level 20 design, the case itself has far more in common with the Thermaltake V200 RGB having the same overall build and features. They are not exactly the same though, the Level 20 MT is just under £20 more on Scan but uses ARGB fans that offer a more impressive look than regular RGB.

The case features three 120mm ARGB fans which are located in the front of the case with one none LED fan for the exhaust on the rear. Similar to the V200 it is quite light at just 6.75 kg compared to the 20+kg of the Level 20 GT. There are tempered glass panels on the front and left-hand side with the right-hand side being a thin slide on panel, and the top a vented panel similar to the V200.

The top IO features two USB 3.0 headers plus an RGB button to control the built-in lighting features. The LED button allows you to cycle through 7 different lighting modes and a range of different colour options.

The fans also support motherboard control via the 5V addressable RGB header and should be able to sync with ASUS Aura Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync and AsRock Polychrome.

The RGB fans are rated at 27.2 dBA while running at 1000rpm, so not the quietest but hardly like a jet engine.

The tempered glass side panel is not hinged, and it is held in place with thumbscrews, this is fairly standard with affordable options. The front panel pops off in a similar manner to its bigger brother and this reveals the three ARGB fans but no dust filter.

There is however dust filter on the side, top and bottom. The top one sits in place via weak magnets. It is easy to knock out of place, but it does make it easy to clean.

Inside the case, you can fit ATX motherboards or smaller, and there is CPU clearance of 170mm and VGA lengths up to 366mm without radiator on the right side. PSU sizes can go up to 170mm in length.

In terms of cooling, this can accommodate most peoples needs. On top of the preinstalled fans you can also fit 2x120mm or 1x140mm in the top but there is no clearance for a radiator in the top. There is also the option to have 2x120mm on the bottom intake or the side.

For radiators you can get up to 360mm in the front, 240mm on the side (where the side vent is) and 120mm on the rear.

As common with most of Thermaltakes cases in the past year, there is a PSU shroud, this is non-removable, but the right-hand side is completely open making installation of the PSU quite simple. Just behind the PSU sits the drive cage which can accommodate 2×3.5-inch drives.  

On the underside of the motherboard tray is a very large cut out allowing easy removal and installation of a CPU cooler, you then get a 2.5-inch SSD mount, with the cables and fans arranged and tidied in a semi-sensible manner to make building and cable management simple.

The overall build and layout of the case is good, it was easy enough to build in, the solid right-hand side is a blessing for messy builders like myself. Combining that with the PSU shroud, and hidden drive bays there is no reason for the visible section of the case to look messy. In my basic build, I also used one of Thermaltake’s new 140mm ARGB fans which I will be reviewing next. It seems a bit out of place by itself, so if you are planning on a build with this case and want to use roof fans I think you will be best sticking with 120mm


As usual, this is another good case from Thermaltake, there is nothing vastly different to it from several of the other budget cases I have reviewed from them which makes it a little hard to get excited about. More choice is always a good thing though.

With this case, you pay £30 extra compared to the View 22 or about £20 more than the Thermaltake V200. Each case looks different, but the main functional difference is the fan arrangement. The View 22 has no included front fans, while the V200 has three RGB fans (not ARGB). Out of the three I would say the V200 is the best buy, the ARGB maybe worth the extra £20 but I would argue that it is money better spent on cooling or a better motherboard, CPU etc.

Overall though, this is a good case, and for the price, it is still a great buy allowing people on a budget to achieve premium looks.

Thermaltake Level 20 MT Review

Product Name: Thermaltake Level 20 MT

Offer price: 80

Currency: GBP

Availability: InStock

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A decent affordable PC case with ARGB fans but it is eclipsed by the cheaper V200 previously reviewed.

  • Overall - 80%

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