I have had a traditional Yale alarm fitted in my home for years but I never use it as I generally found burglar alarms annoying. I am not sure of anyone that actually responds to one going off we all just assume it is a false alarm.

The new Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm brings the burglar alarm to the Internet of Things era, it still has the traditional functions of an alarm such as a number pad, PIR sensors, door sensors and a big yellow box on the side of your house. However, now it links up to a hub, and you can control and receive notifications via your mobile.

It is the mobile notification system that piqued my interest in this system. If I am away from home and the old alarm goes off, it just irritates the neighbours. With mobile notifications, I am aware of an issue immediately, whether it is false or not. Combining this with my Ring Doorbell, Blink XT outdoor cameras, and Realink cameras indoors (yes, I have a terrible mishmash of tech), I can identify if there is an intruder immediately and notify the police and neighbours myself.

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