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Anker has established themselves as one of, if not the best accessory brands on Amazon. They offer high-quality products at very affordable prices, undercutting traditional big-name companies.

The Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro is a pair of wireless headphones that are designed for gym and sports use. They incorporate something called SweatGuard which promises to be truly sweatproof technology specially designed to resist the corrosive properties of sweat. Apparently, it uses a submarine-inspired structure and hydrophobic nano-coating to create an impermeable barrier around the sensitive internal components.

With these being the Pro model they have some improvements over the cheaper none pro model including:

  1. Built-in “Dual-EQ” which consists of two different sound settings, mostly affecting the bass end of the audio spectrum, available on the headset itself with no external app required to implement. This feature has two settings, one seemingly “flat” (no EQ) while the other setting seems to be the headset’s equivalent to Anker’s BassUp technology used on it’s newer Soundcore line of speakers.
  2. Built-in aptX High-Fidelity sound (compatible with Android devices only)

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Design and Build

The Soundcore Spirit Pro have a relatively traditional design as far as Bluetooth headphones go, there is a cable running between them with the battery and controls located together on the right-hand side of the cable.

With the battery away from the earbuds they fit comfortably in my ear, and there is a hook design to make sure they stay in place.  They use micro USB for power, but there is no cover for the port, so Anker must have incorporated the sweatproofing within the port design too.

The earpieces are magnetised and will attach together when not in use, unlike some more expensive earphones this will not pause your audio.

Packaging is always basic with these affordable brands which is not a bad thing; you get your standard three sized ear tips and different sized hooks.

Overall, the build quality feels vastly superior to other cheap earphones that I have reviewed recently, and I am confident they will handle my very sweaty gym and running sessions well.


As far as fit goes, they work pretty well for me, I prefer the over ear hook style as it is more convenient for running, but these are comfortable to wear and don’t fall out very often.

The seal between my ear canal and the earpiece felt good which is always essential to get the best sound quality out of your earphones.

Sound quality performance is good, maybe not the best I have heard but much better than average. They are not quite as bassy as some earphones I have reviewed recently, technically this should make them better as it is a more natural profile, but for anything I use in the gym, I like that extra bass. However, it is still well presented, and it helps keep the mids and highs clear and well balanced.

You can adjust the audio profile using the Dual-EQ feature by pressing the play button and volume up. Enabling or disabling this does have a noticeably different audio profile, but I can’t honestly say which I prefer, it is supposed to boost the bass, but you don’t really get a huge boost. It is nice to have the option though, and I find the default sound is more than good enough.

As someone that works out intensively most days and because I sweat more than average, it is essential that my earphones are both waterproof and remain comfortably in my ears for weight lifting, cycling, running and general machine work. So far these have performed well there is no sign of water damage such as crackly audio, and they stayed in my ears well during a long bike ride. Running outside required some adjustments, but that’s the case for nearly every earphone I use.

Since I lost my Bose SoundSport earphones, I have resorted to using some cheap Yobola headphones, which are great in the gym, but cycling can cause glitchy connections with Bluetooth. So far I have experienced no issues with the connection of the Soundcore Spirit Pro.

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Overall these have been great so far; they are considerably cheaper than the Bose SoundSport while offering excellent performance (though not quite as good as the Bose). I would say they outperform the Sudio Tre that I reviewed earlier this year which cost twice the price.

They are double the price of some of the cheap brands I have used, but the difference in build quality is vast. These feel just as good as the Bose, RHA or other brands I have reviewed and I think they are well worth the £37.99

Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro Wireless Headphones Review

Product Name: Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro Wireless Headphones Review

Offer price: 37.99

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  • Build Quality - 90%
  • Comfort - 80%
  • Sound Quality - 80%
  • Price - 80%

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