I have reviewed quite a lot of fitness trackers, and sports watches now, from cheap to expensive. One thing that is common with them is that they are all a bit ugly. The Suunto Spartan is possible the most attractive one I have reviewed; if you don’t mind the sports watch look, none are suitable for formal attire though. Even Fitbits are unattractive, the Alta is your best option, but it is basically a slightly less ugly rubber strap compared to the Charge 2.

This is where Nokia hope to carve a niche with their Steel HR range. Functionally it is almost identical to the likes of the Charge 2, but you have a fitness tracker encased in a traditional wristwatch frame, and it is quite an attractive one at that. It also boasts a 25-day battery, far greater than any other fitness tracker on the market.


The Steel HR comes in 2 sizes, a 36mm and 40mm option, then 2 case colours and 2 face colours. There are also multiple strap options including Black or Brown leather. With the leather option and a fleeting glance, no one could tell you are wearing a fitness tracker. In comparison, my Garmin Forerunner 235 just screams out sports watch and looks a bit stupid with anything other than casual clothing.