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I have reviewed a few EZVIZ products in recent months, their Floodlight camera was particularly good, and the indoor camera is working well for me in my garage.

The most recent product is the Full HD Outdoor Cam which is technically a wireless camera but requires a power cable, then wireless for data connectivity. For some reason, EZVIZ appears to be moving away from POE options.

EZVIZ has also decided to abandon model numbers, so this is the Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi Camera not to be confused with the Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi Camera with Strobe and Siren. Apart from the siren and strobe, they appear to be almost the same product – the lens spec is slightly different too.

Price and Specification

EZVIZ has an RRP of £69.99 but Ryman have it for sale for £49.00. The strobe and siren option is currently £64.99 on Amazon.

In terms of specification, you get a 1080P camera with a 2.8mm @ F1.8 lens giving you a viewing angle of 95° (Horizontal) and 110°(Diagonal).

It is wireless (network) only using the 2.4 GHz network, you will then need to run the supplied power cable to it, and it is IP66 rated. From my experience in rainy Blackpool it is advisable to try and shelter the camera a little, especially around the microSD port, my previous EZ-C3S-WIFI ended up suffering from a leak after a couple of years.


One of the best features of EZVIZ is that you have three recording options, microSD, cloud and NVR.

There is a big catch here though, cloud recording is more expensive than competing brands, and for the wireless cameras at least, the NVR choice is restricted to EZVIZ models only as the only protocol this transmits in is the EZVIZ cloud proprietary protocol and not ONVIF.

The NVR option is interesting, it has pros and cons. Currently, the EZVIZ option is the cheapest NVR on the market from a known brand, so a big plus, and if you use EZVIZ wireless cameras, it is your only option anyway. However, I recently got my hands on one, and it is basic at best, and quite frustrating to use if you want to use any ONVIF camera or even any camera from within Hikvision using the Hikvision protocol.

That being said, the NVR is still very appealing if you are committed to EZVIZ, it will work out considerably cheaper than cloud recording, and it offers 24/7 recording compared to microSD. Four 128GB microSD cards will set you back about £100 whereas the EZVIZ ezNVR 8CH plus a 1TB hard drive will be about £110 and a far superior solution.

Set up

Similar to all the other EZVIZ cameras I have reviewed recently, set up is easy, you use the EZVIZ app to scan in the QR code, and away you go. Unlike other brands, I have had no issues getting this camera to pair up with my network. I personally used this with ethernet, but I also temporarily set it up with Wi-Fi and experienced no issues with that either.

The rest of the settings are similar to the other two cameras I have reviewed recently. The motion zones are hidden in the alarm page, so you have to enable notifications, set your detection area and sensitivity then you can switch it back off if you don’t want alerts. Unlike the other options, this has a mark face toggle, which will mark faces in the video or screenshot. Due to my placement, this didn’t trigger for me.

Setting it up outside is less involved than the floodlight but a lot harder than your totally wired free options. Mainly, you need to find a way to get power to the camera, if you are happy doing a bit of a cowboy job like me, the power cable is thin enough to comfortably go through a window and have the window close with no issues. It is not the prettiest of solutions but easier than drilling more holes through my external walls. I generally prefer POE as I can combine two cables in one and get better performance compared to Wi-Fi, however, if you are happy with Wi-Fi, the power cable for this is easier to deal with than ethernet.


Performance is excellent, both day and night recording are more than good enough for my requirements and excellent for a £50 camera. For comparison, I recently bought a £59.99 H.VIEW IP POE 5MP camera, and I would regard the day and night time performance to be superior.

Motion detection works well, but as always, you will need to experiment with zones and sensitivity to reduce false alerts from shadows, foliage, rain etc.

With the EZVIZ NVR, you get 24/7 recording, but then the motion alerts get highlighted as orange bars within the app, allowing you to easily scroll to anything you want to view.


For £50 this is a superb little outdoor camera it offers fantastic video quality, and as always the Ezviz ecosystem is excellent, the EZVIZ mobile app is better than your average Android app, and you get an excellent range of recording options.

EZVIZ Smart Security Outdoor WiFi Camera Score


For £50 this is an excellent outdoor camera offering a superior solution to many wired free options and a fraction of the cost. While installation requires more work, having a permanently powered camera will require less maintenance in the long term.

  • Overall - 80%

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