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Creative have been refreshing their line-up of products at a furious rate the past few months. The Creative T60 is the latest launch from the brand that includes its new Creative App with its SmartComms kit. These speakers, therefore, introduce USB connectivity and allow people to use a 3.5mm microphone or headset and use the various smart features SmartComms has.

Creative T60 Desktop Speakers Features and Specification

  • Clear Dialog and Surround technologies powered by Sound Blaster. 
  • Two powerful 2.75″ full-range drivers
  • Built-in amplifiers 
  • 30W RMS acoustics power, with a peak power of up to 60W
  • BasXPort technology
  • USB-C connectivity
  • Creative App with SmartComms

Set-Up & Creative App

The speakers are relatively attractive black units. They are not too large, so don’t dominate your desk. The right speaker has the controls, and the left speaker has a built-in cable that plugs into the right. The cable isn’t extremely long, it should be good for most desks, but you won’t reach across your room with it.

The T60 use USB-C for the main audio connection, but you also have the option for 3.5mm input or Bluetooth 5.0.

With USB-C, Windows auto-detects the speakers and will automatically switch to them when you power them up.

You only have limited on-device controls, but using the Creative App you can tweak the audio to your liking with the equalizer or selecting the different sound modes.

You can then plug in a 3.5mm microphone, either a dedicated mic to work with the speakers or using a headset. Then you will be able to use the SmartComms kit which offers a variety of unique features to improve the quality of your mic as well as auto-muting when you are not speaking.


I have sung the praises of the new SmartComms functionality a few times in my reviews now.

The main features that the SmartComms Kit offers is:

  • VoiceDetect automatically unmutes your mic when you speak and mutes when you stop.
  • NoiseClean helps eliminate background noise such as fan noise
  • NoiseClean does the same, but in reverse, cleaning up the audio from other people on the call/stream

So with these speakers, you could plug in a cheap 3.5mm mic or headset and significantly improve the audio performance of any calls you have to take.

Performance / Sound Quality

Sound quality is good as long as you have reasonable expectations of what a 7cm driver can achieve on a pair of £70 speakers.

You have 30RMS of power, and there is a bass tube on the rear to aid the lows. These perform best when sat in close proximity with volumes kept moderate. With these being quite small, they struggle a bit with bass. I found they perform adequately with hip hop and electronica, the bass comes through, and it doesn’t sound like it is bottoming out, you just don’t get them room rattling lows.

However, for some heavier punk tracks and I found that the lack of bass means that the sharpness of the screaming, guitars and cymbals became a bit harsh.

For things like gaming and movies, these worked well, vocals and ambient noises were clear and easy to make out.

The overall dimensions of these make them appealing to anyone that is short on space.

Price and Alternative Options

The Creative T60 speakers have launched for £70, which is a fantastic price for what you are getting.

There are a lot of 2.0 computer speakers for under £100, but none of them will have USB connectivity with SmartComms.

The Creative GigaWorks T20 Series II has long been a popular option, and they are the same price on Amazon.

I recently reviewed the Edifier G2000 speaker, which has a touch more bass and works with USB but lacks the additional communication features.


The Creative T60 speakers are excellent affordable speakers. Audio quality is better than I expected for something this small and cheap, and I think you get good value for money overall with an excellent range of features.

I would personally prefer something with a bit more power and bass, but this typically requires something much larger and more expensive. Bookshelf speakers and 2.1 systems are fantastic, but it is just not practical for some people.

The small dimensions of these make them ideal for work from home office and small office use in general.

Creative T60 Desktop Speakers Review Rating


The Creative T60 are excellent small 2.0 speakers that offer superb value for money for general use and office work environments.

  • Overall - 80%


  • Great value for money
  • Good connectivity options
  • SmartComms adds useful functionality


  • Bass is a little weak

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