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I have never been a fan of headphones for long days in the office or gaming, I just find them a bit uncomfortable after a few hours.  I always use speakers when possible, but computer speakers can be physically large and often expensive.

The Edifier G2000 is neither of those; these small 2.0 active speakers are just £89.99, available from Amazon.

These are part of the Edifier gaming range, so they have a suitable gamer aesthetic, including RGB lighting on the rear of the speakers.

Specification & Features

  • Power Output: 8W per speaker
  • Frequency Response: 98Hz-20kHz
  • Bluetooth/USB sound card/AUX input available
  • 12 light effects enhance the gaming experience


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The speakers can connect to your PC via USB, aux and Bluetooth, so they can work with most devices, including consoles, TVs or your PC. I mainly used these via USB, bypassing my Creative Soundblaster X4 DAC, however, using the aux input via a decent DAC will likely provide slightly better sound quality and possibley more control over the sound profile.

Control & Lighting

Edifier G2000 Computer Speakers review 2

The speakers auto power on when you plug them in but you can switch them off by holding the power button on the side. A quick press of that button will switch the input mode through USB/Aux/Bluetooth.

For some strange reason, the volume is controlled by a rocker switch, going up in increments rather than a roller with its more gradual increases.

The speakers have 3 EQ options (Game, Movie, Music) which can be controlled via the button on the side. A long press on the button will switch the LED colour with blue, green, red and yellow as your options.

As far as the lighting goes, it is quite subtle. The rear of the speakers has a visible RGB panel then there is a slim bar down the sides of the speakers. The brightness is quite low, in my well-lit room, I can’t tell that there is a light on the rear of the speakers at all. If you game in the dark, you may get some light reflection.

Sound Quality

Edifier G2000 Computer Speakers review 3

Sound quality is good for a small pair of 2.0 desktop speakers. The overall size of these with their small 2.75-inch diaphragm inevitably means these struggle with bass.

It is not awful though, the bass port on the rear helps a lot, and I found that the handled the bass on all genres I listen to quite well. The speakers didn’t suffer from the tinniness small speakers are often prone to.  

There is also a 3.5mm aux output option for a subwoofer though I am sceptical about how useful this is. I can’t imagine many people buying then pairing them up with an active subwoofer, which would likely cost more than these speakers themselves (Edifier T5 is £129).

If listening to moderately high volumes, I found these because a little fatiguing due to the lack of bass.

Mids and highs a good, you don’t get too much sharpness on the highs and things like vocals are clear and concise.

They go surprisingly loud for such small speakers, and they should be more than enough for most PC gaming setups.

I found them better for gaming and TV than for music, where clear dialogue and ambient noise is perhaps more important than booming bass. I happily gamed using these for several hours over the weekend.

Price and Alternative Options

The Edifier G2000 are priced at around £90 and are available on Amazon.

The Edifier website lists the G5000 as the next model up, but nowhere seems to sell it.

If you can accommodate something significantly larger, Edifier has several bookshelf speakers that only cost a bit more but should offer much better performance. The Edifier R1280T would be a good choice and I can personally vouch for the (more expensive) Edifier R1850DB and superb Edifier R2000DB.

Creative has a few well-reviewed speakers, including the T20 Series II, which is a bit cheaper or the Creative T100, which is a bit more expensive. They also have the new Creative T60, which is cheaper and has some handy additional features thanks to the Creative app.

Razer has the Nommo speakers for around the same price.


The Edifier G2000 speakers ended up being better than I had expected, though I did have quite low expectations.

Sound quality is surprisingly good for something so small. The size does mean that the bass is on the weaker side, so they were a bit fatiguing to listen to music for long periods. However, they worked very well for gaming.

These should work well for anyone with limited space or for temporary setups (such as laptops and WFH) where you may want to move them around frequently.

Pricing is quite attractive too. You could probably get better value for money from some of the other Edifier bookshelf speakers, but they tend to be a quite large  

Edifier G2000 PC Computer Speakers Review Rating


The Edifier G2000 offer good performance for such compact speakers. They are priced attractively and should work well for gamers with limited table space.

  • Overall - 75%


  • Surprisingly good sound quality considering the overall price and size of these.
  • Attractive gamer design (if that’s your thing)
  • Decent connectivity options


  • Edifier’s larger bookshelf speakers will offer superior performance at a similar price
  • Bass is a little lacking due to the petite dimensions

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