I am generally indifferent towards this new true wireless earbud trend; I find the convenience of no wires is weighed down by poor performance and loose-fitting earbuds. Something you don’t want when there is no wire. However, I have come away pleasantly surprised by the very affordable Blitzwolf BW-FYE1 earbuds.

At just £34.99 on Amazon or £26.97 on Banggood, these are some of the cheapest true wireless earbuds I have reviewed. Unlike the Kuaifit K Sport, you get a convenient charge case with these, so they haven’t cut corners unnecessarily.

These earphones have a decent specification for the money, including being compatible with Bluetooth V5, simple one buttons controls on the earpiece and an IPX4 rating. The IPX4 is one of the lower waterproofing ratings, but it should be fine for sweat and the occasional bit of rain.

Packaging is basic, and the glossy rectangular charge case looks a bit cheap, but these are to be expected at this price.

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Opening up the case reveals quite a strange earbud design, and I immediately thought I would hate them. They are reasonably large with a double-pronged shape to them, the top smaller rubber prong is what is supposed to anchor to your ear inside the gap under your helix. The lower pointy bit sort of hangs down towards your earlobe.

They come with three ear tip sizes, as usual, I went for the large ones as I seem to have massive ears. When placing them into my ear they fit quite comfortably. It felt like they should fall out easily but no matter how much head wobble I did they did not budge. It seems that the strange design is a bit more ergonomic than expected and these are some of the best fitting true wireless earphones I have used.