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As people become more connected these days, senior citizens can also join the bandwagon by having phones. Everyone needs a mobile phone nowadays, and this includes the elderly population. Technology doesn’t have to leave senior citizens behind. There are phones out there that will have features tailored for senior citizens. That said, here are some top features mobile phones for senior citizens should have:

1.      Compatibility with Hearing Aids or Volume Adjustment

A majority of senior citizens already have problems with hearing. Because of this, you should look for mobile phones for seniors with either a higher volume range or features that allow compatibility with hearing aids. There are phones out there that have settings to configure the phone to connect with a hearing aid. In addition to that, it will also be useful to have a phone with a physical button specifically for volume adjustment. Having a physical button will allow any senior to easily change the volume settings anytime with ease.

2.      Option to Allow Bigger Fonts

To be senior citizen friendly, you need to look for a mobile phone that has the option to adjust the font size of the phone. Most senior citizens also have trouble reading small fonts. To make it easier for seniors to read your texts, the mobile phone for them must have settings to adjust the font and make it bigger.

3.      Bigger Screen Size and Brighter Displays

Older customers might prefer a phone with a large screen because this makes it easier for them to type and read. So, you will also want to consider the size of the screen when you look for a mobile phone for a senior citizen. However, don’t choose a phone that is too large since it might be difficult for the senior to fit it in their pockets or hold it with their hands.


4.      Physical Emergency Button

Currently, there are mobile phones that are tailored for seniors that come with a physical emergency button. When clicked, the emergency button will automatically dial an emergency cellular phone number that you’ve chosen and set. For seniors, it will be very helpful for them when they are in a situation wherein they need help. This way, they don’t need to search for the person they want to contact in their contact list anymore. They just simply need to click that emergency button, and the phone will do the rest.

5.      Fingerprint Recognition or Unlocking Features

Mostly, seniors are already forgetful. Because of this, it will be useful to get a mobile phone with the fingerprint recognition to unlock the device. You just need to program the fingerprint of the senior who owns the phone. For seniors who already find it difficult to remember a security code, this is the perfect solution for that.

6.      Voiceover Option

At times, it might be difficult for your senior to read some text on the phone. Luckily, there is a feature available that can help with that. The voiceover feature will allow their phone to read any text on the phone screen out loud. So, for instance, if a senior citizen receives a text, they can click the voiceover feature, and the phone will read the text message out loud. This can be of great help for seniors who are visually impaired.

7.      Good Quality Camera

It will also be useful to get a phone with quality camera. Many seniors love to snap pictures of their grandkids or travels. So, look for a phone with good cameras. This will also be useful when a senior wants to video chat with family. Many seniors rely on the camera for sharing their lives, which is why seniors also need good quality cameras on their mobile phones.

8.      Durable and Waterproof Phones

With seniors, it’s important that the mobile phones they have are extra durable. There will be many times when the mobile phone might be dropped or splashed with water. Make sure the phone you provide your senior is strong enough to withstand a few drops. To prevent damages on the phone if ever it gets wet, you can also get a mobile phone that has a waterproof feature.


Now, your grandfather or grandmother can also enjoy the latest mobile phones. It is high time to aid seniors by taking them under your arms and guiding them to join the modern age. Simply look for mobile phones with the features listed above, and seniors can also stay connected while also having a phone that will meet their unique needs.

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