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Portable projectors have become popular in recent years, allowing people to have big-screen movie nights without a gigantic projector in your living room.

The Heyup Boxe is an affordable projector that can easily compete with much more expensive models, and appears to have a design inspired by the Among Us, party game.


  • Native 1080P with 60hz refresh rate
  • 2x3W speakers
  • Amlogic T972
  • 2GB RAM, 8GB storage
  • 7800mAh battery
  • Runs quiet
  • FengOS with AptoideTV app store
  • 25000 Hrs Lifespan
  • Easy Wireless Connection
  • 1.24Kg compact design
  • 150 ANSI lumens
  • 1.34:1 throw ratio
  • 4-point keystone correction
  • 1x HDMI 2.0, 1 x USB 2.0, Type-C PD, 3.5mm headphone jack


1080P on up to a 120-inch screen & 150 ANSI lumens

The Heyup Boxe is capable of 1080P and can cast up to 120-inch screens depending on your room size and the lighting conditions.

The brightness number may seem low, but Heyup has quoted ANSI lumens which is the brightness measured over 9-zones where the light meets the wall, rather than the light output of the bulb itself. Most brands you see on Amazon quote the marketing lumens, which can be anything from 6 and 20 times the true ANSI lumens.

The 150 ANSI Lumen makes this portable projector much brighter than the Anker Nebular Capsule, which costs almost twice the price and only 50 ANSI lumens behind the £550 Nebula Capsule II.

FengOS with AptoideTV App Store

Boxe photo image.jpg

This is the second projector I have written about recently that uses the AptoideTV App Store.

The App Store has most of the apps you could want, including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video Kodi, and Plex.

2x3W speakers

They may not be the loudest speakers, but the stereo 3W speakers allow you to take the Boxe anywhere you want and watch movies without the hassle of hooking up speakers.

Low Noise

All projectors have fan noise, and this can be quite disruptive. The Boxe produces noise as low as 30 dB, making your room feel as quiet as a library

Cute and compact dimensions

This compact, palm-sized projector is portable and lightweight and weighs 1.24kg. You can put it in your backpack or bag to conveniently take it to the backyard, bedroom, balcony, classroom, meeting room, or any place where you want to view big-screen multimedia.

Long Battery

Boxe allows for general viewing without recharging and lasts for 90 minutes. You can then extend this if you have a 65W capable power bank.

Keystone Correction

Boxe with friends.jpg

The 4-point keystone correction is an essential feature that makes Heyup Boxe perfect for viewing in many different projection scenarios. By correcting the image angles and adjusting image corners or permitting growing and shrinking of the image manually, Boxe achieves the perfect picture anywhere without any limitations. 

You need to manually do the keystone correction. You will have to pay a lot more for automatic correction.

Price and Availability

The Heyup Boxe is available to back on Kickstarter now and this is set to end on the 11th of November 2021.

Delivery is expected in November 2021, so you are not waiting around for months like some Kickstarter projects.

Under the support options, there are variants for the US and Europe. You need to scroll down a bit to find the EU models.

The EU models cost a bit more than the US versions.

Pricing is in Hong Kong Dollars, and the EU classic model is HK$ 1,538, which works out at £145. The Deluxe model is sold out in the EU, but the only benefit is a tripod.


The Heyup Boxe looks like an excellent mini portable projector. The specification indicates that this should allow this to perform to a similar level as other portable projectors costing considerably more.

The Kickstarter page indicates you are getting 43% off with an MSRP of HK$2721 or around £256. Even the RRP looks like quite a good price in comparison to other brands, so the Kickstarter price is fantastic.

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  1. Heyup Boxe is a portable 1080p mini smart projector that features support to 1080p and 4K, great image quality sound quality and multiple input options.

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