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Following my review of the Hive Hub 360 and the outdoor camera, Hive has just announced the launch of Hive Radiator Valves as part of the home heating range.

I am a huge fan of zoned heating, it used to be limited to just Genius Hub, Z-Wave and Honeywell. In recent years Tado and Netatmo have launched smart TRVs and now Hive is joining in.

While the TRVs are painfully expensive (if you want to use them on all your radiators), they should pay for themselves. Using these you can switch off heating to rooms when not in use, use different temperatures throughout the day, or boost the temperature of a room if and when needed, all without heating the rest of the house.

A TRV works like all valves such as a butterfly valve however they have a built-in thermometer that closes the valve based on the room temperature. Smart TRVs allow you to control the valve setting via an app and use it with a schedule.

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While I use a different system, functionally they are the same. I work from home, so during the day in the winter, I have the heating on in just my office with the rest of the house off. In the evenings I switch the office and upstairs off while having the living areas on.

It is a bit hard to work out if or when these will pay for themselves, but I know of people claiming to reduce their heating bills by 25%+ per year and this saving covers the cost in under 18 months.

The Hive Radiator Valve Product Pricing

  • 1 for £54
  • 3 for £139
  • 5 for £199

You can buy the valves direct from Hive here

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Details from the press release:

Hive Radiator Valves let you easily manage and monitor the heating in each room of your home, which means no more guesswork or wasting money. Each can be set to an exact temperature in degrees, rather than just selecting a setting between 1-5. So you can keep your bedroom cool during the day then schedule your radiator to turn up before you head to bed.

When working with Hive Active Heating, Hive Radiator Valves are smarter and give even more control, as you can turn up a radiator even when your normal heating schedule is off. Twist the Hive Radiator Valve, or use the Hive app and it will tell your Hive Active Heating to kick in, without affecting the heating in the rest of your home.

Hive Radiator Valves also work without Hive Active Heating, working in conjunction with the Hive Hub to connect to your smartphone.

Hive Radiator Valves are easy to install, thanks to the simple interactive installation instructions in the Hive app; simply unscrew your existing thermostatic radiator valve head and replace it with a Hive Radiator Valve.

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