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Updated on 06/04/19 with some new low light vs auto shots, some macro shots and some aperture shots.

Updated on 29/06/19 – I opted to rely solely on the P30 Pro for a recent trip to Riga – replacing a camera with a premium phone goes a long way to justify the price of this phone.

The Huawei P30 Pro launched almost a week ago in Paris, and I have been using it as my daily driver since then. With this phone being so camera-centric I thought it would be best to dedicate a post to various sample images as I go along. I have not had as much time to test it as I would have liked, but initial impressions are superb.

Huawei has basically refined the Mate 20 Pro, the phones are almost like for like in many departments, granted the Mate 20 Pro has a higher resolution screen, but apart from that the P30 Pro does everything the Mate 20 Pro did but better.

Apart from the improved camera, I have found two noticeable improvements. The fingerprint sensor, for me, is considerably faster and more accurate. The Mate 20 was a bit hit or miss, often my face would unlock the phone before I managed to get my thumb to work. With the P30 it works 90% of the time, and the unlock transition is extremely quick.

The overall app performance feels considerably quicker too. Huawei does go on about app launch speeds in their launch announcement, and to be honest, I kind of ignore them, assuming it is just marketing BS. However, it really does feel a lot faster, everything just loads instantly. Granted this is a new phone and they always seem to perform great to start, though I used phone clone so it has all my old apps bogging it down as much as the Mate 20 Pro.

Anyway, onto the camera…

The big caveat is that I am a terrible photographer with shaky hands at best. I have no creative flair so rarely make a scene look amazing like gadgetsboy. Arguably this makes this phone perfect for me, as it does most of the hard work for me.

I will expand all the below galleries as I continue to use the phone. I will leave all photos unedited, mainly because I am lazy, but also for a better representation of the camera’s ability.

Ditching the point and zoom

On a recent trip to Riga in Latvia, I decided it was time to ditch my Panasonic point and zoom, it has been a good camera, but it is old, I am poor at photography, and it is less convenient than a phone with its auto backups.

The Huawei P30 Pro is a perfect camera for travelling, the zoom abilities allow you to comfortably replace high zoom pocket cameras, and the AI features allow me to take consistently decent photos.


Night mode

Night mode vs low light auto

One of the main selling points of this phone is the ultra high ISO 40MP lens. So when using the normal camera, this can take shots in very low light conditions without having to use a long exposure. I have noticed mixed results with reviews online, they are all great, but some are amazon. My sample appeared to improve following an update, and in the auto mode, you do need a little bit of light, but not a lot. The following shots are at 4 AM with almost no street light coming through the blinds, but a Philips Hue bulb set at 1% at the back of the room.

Clearly, the above shows just how much better the P30 is in low light conditions. The shots are a little blurry as I couldnt see much myself and didn’t keep the phone steady.

The colour accuracy is interesting, the auto mode is significantly more accurate than the long exposure night mode.

Super Macro


General use

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