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I previously reviewed the Killer AX1650 module. I have now managed to get the Intel AX200 which is available from Amazon.

The Killer AX1650 is based on the AX200 but then with all the gaming and QOS related software, you can get with Killer products. So using these two modules with just the drivers should yield almost identical results. This will, therefore, be a relatively short review.

Networking Specifications

  • TX/RX
    Streams – 2×2
  • Bands
    – 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz (160Mhz)
  • Max
    Speed – 2.4Gbps
  • Wifi
    Certified – 802.11ac; WiFi 6 pre-certified
  • Bluetooth
  • Other
    features – MU-MIMO & OFDM

Testing was done via two laptops connected to the router, one wired one connecting with the AX200. I used iperf and simple file transfers for speed tests.

The Netgear is rated at 4.8Gbps, but when connected in close proximity, the wireless connection logs a 2.4Gbit connection speed, which is the top speed of the module, just like the killer AX1650.

Similar to the previous tests I have some inconstant results with iperf, probably due to user error. The speeds typically peaked at 940Mbps though the speed does vary more than a wired connection usually jumping from 850Mbps to 900+Mbps.

Similarly, the file transfer peaked at about the same speed. However, subjectively, the connection remained far more stable. For the vast majority of the file transfer, the speeds remained at 113MB/s, indicating that it was easy to max out the gigabit wired connection.

One of the main issues I experience with the 5Ghz network is connecting with 160 MHz channel bandwidth reliably, as the surrounding networks appear to interfere with things, so my results are perhaps not as positive as they should be. That being said, the module still maxes out a gigabit connection, which is what the Netgear RAX80 is limited to, and I hope to be able to try a router with a multi-gig port sometime soon.

Overall, this is as expected, the same as the Killer AX1650. I know a lot of people are not fond of the Killer software, but there is no requirement to use it, so the main decision about which to go for would be price. Amazon currently lists prices for the intel from £17 to about £24 with various slow shipping times, whereas the Killer is available on Prime for £31.

The true benefits of Wi-Fi 6 will probably take a few years to be realised we have several devices in the home all trying to access data-intensive applications like streaming, gaming and general file transfers.

Intel AX200 Wi Fi 6 Module Review
  • Overall - 90%

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