AMD RDNA GPU Architecture For Navi Radeon RX 5700 Series 3

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Hopefully in a few days time the graphics card market is going to get a bit of a shake up. AMD are launching the first of their Navi based cards, and in retaliation Intel are updating their RTX lineup with Super variants.

With the Nvidia RTX Super cards it looks like some of the older RTX cards are being made end of life, but the new cards are expected to launch at the same price. So more performance for the same price, which is always welcome from a consumer point of view.

A lot of rumours have indicated that the new AMD RX 5700 XT will go head to head with the Nvidia RTX 2070, and a new leak backs up this claim.

Serial leakers Wccftech have posted TimeSpy benchmarks of the new AMD card. While there are no guarantees this is accurate, things do seem to indicate that it is the new AMD card. Futuremark only shows a generic VGA card for newer GPUs but it does show details of the card specification which matches up with the AMD card.

One of those details is making it very clear that it is an Advanced Micro Devices Inc. vendor meaning it’s a reference board. The clocks are also approximately the same as we expect for this card.  The memory capacity of 8GB is accurate but the memory clock reporting is lower than it should be but could likely be chalked up to early detection errors by 3DMark itself.

The test receives a total score of 8575 and was done using an Intel Core i7-8700K with 16GB of RAm running at 3.2Ghz.

The graphics score is 8719 which is less than 200 points behind the RTX 2070 FE while being 18% higher than the RTX 2060 FE.

Pricing is a key component here, the AMD card should launch in the US for $449 and the current cheapest RTX 2070 on Newegg is $480 with prices quickly going up beyond $500. However, the AMD is launching as a blower card to start off with, so we might have to wait a few months for multi-fan varients, and see how the new Super cards affect pricing on the Nvidia side of things.

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