When you have a £700 phone that is basically all glass the last thing you want to do is drop it. Obviously, it is impossible to avoid the inevitable drop, and Apple claims the glass used in their new iPhone 8 is the most durable ever, and the glass rear is reinforced with metal.

However, a big drop or landing in an awkward position is always likely to crack if not shatter glass, whether that is the front or rear of the phone in this case. If you do not have the £79 AppleCare+ cover then screen repair costs £156.44, other damage, which we assume includes the rear, costs a staggering £356.44!

So, anyone in their right mind needs to be using a case on their phone and Tech21 produce some excellent cases for a wide range of phones, including the iPhone 8. Knowing how easy it is to break your phone, tech21 design their cases to not only look nice but withstand significant drops.

In the case of the Evo Check case I have been sent, it has been designed to withstand a 3-metre drop (or 10ft if you are old/American). That is the height of 2 small people, so unless you are climbing ladders with your phone it is unlikely you will ever drop it from 3 metres. The official technology Tech21 claim they use is FlexShock which is a unique 3-layer impact absorption system.


The model I was sent is clear with white edges and is a rubbery Polyurethane material. The bumpers around the edges are fatter than the standard case that I typically use from rival brands but it doesn't add too much heft and is the reason why this case can help the phone withstand a 3M drop.

Fitting the case is simple, the case itself is rubbery and bendy and it just snaps on. The power and volume buttons also have protection around them, whilst there are cut-outs for the do not disturb switch, speakers and lightening socket. The case doesn't interfere with the lightening socket at all. On the rear of the device, there is a cut out for the camera, and it looks like the case is thinker than the camera bulge, so you should avoid any damage to that if you drop your phone. On the front, the bumpers extend slightly beyond the screen giving you protection if you drop your phone face first onto the floor.

The rear of the case i