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The Romoss UPower is slightly different than your standard power bank, it uses a metal effect casing that is ribbed, designed to look like a hard-shell suitcase.

You get the typical 2 USB outputs allowing you to charge 2 devices at once. What really sets this apart from pretty much every power bank on the market, is how it charges. Rather than the normal microUSB, there are 2 prongs which then clip into a UK 3 prong socket. You then plug the power bank directly into the wall. The power bank will then do pass through charging to any devices that it is connected to.

It does work well, but it is not concept doesn’t work quite as well as it would seem. There is no way to charge it via microUSB, and you either have to remember to carry around the plug adapter or leave it always attached, making it quite a cumbersome shape to carry around.

The whole device itself is quite large compared to other 10000mAH packs too, so it is unlikely you will ever be able to carry it around in your pockets comfortably.

However, if you can cope with the awkward shape, it works as advertised and it is less awkward than carrying around a plug socket and microUSB cable.

You also seem to pay a slight premium for this. It costs £27 while Romos themselves do a slim 10,000mAh battery for just £20 and this also includes quick charging. Both options are good, but I would personally go for the smaller, cheaper battery pack that has QC3.0.

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