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Microsoft will charge a new annual fee that doubles each year for Windows 7 updates

Wait, before you get your pitchforks out, Windows 7 is in its end of life period, it was released 9 years ago. Mainstream support ended on January 13, 2015 and the end of the extended support is January 14, 2020. If you are a consumer the support will end then no matter what you do, so you won't incur any fees, you just wont get any updates. For business users though, a leak has revealed that Microsoft will extend support for a hefty fee. If you are running Windows 7 Pro you will incur $50/per device for the first...

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F-Secure Total Internet Security and VPN Review Score 81%

F-Secure Total Internet Security and VPN Review

During my press trip to Helsinki to demo the F-Secure Sense, I was also shown their original flagship product, F-Secure Total. This is a complete AV and VPN suite that will secure 5 devices (dependent on the option you choose). The 5-device licence is £99.99 or the 3-device licence £79.99. While this makes this one of the most expensive products on the market it does include a VPN which will normally set you back a monthly fee. Depending on the VPN you chose this alone can be nearly as expensive as Total. NordVPN costs $69.99 per year for example,...

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Windows 8 Details and Features

Microsoft has been demonstrating Windows 8 at the Build 2011 Developer Conference, and it is shaping up to be quite an impressing OS. Without a doubt the main feature on offer is the fact that Windows 8 is developed for both traditional PCs, Laptops, Netbooks and most importantly Tablets. This is a very different approach to the hugely popular iPad which runs a mobile operating system that lacks many features of their fuller grown OS X Lion. While laptops and tablets will use the same OS Microsoft have integrated 2 user interfaces to make the most of the form factor. User will be greeted with the Windows Phone like Metro Interface which includes live application tiles and replaces the Start menu, being triggered by the Start button or Windows key, and is also the first screen shown on start-up. Though users can easily go into a more Windows 7 style interface by choosing the desktop tile. The metro interface is also written into the core of the OS so this is not an overlay. The beauty of this is that user have an OS that is fully optimised for a tablet but can still carry out fully blown PC applications such as outlook, excel, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and FTP programs. Presumably it will also be able to run normal PC games, though how well tablets will run these is another...

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Acer Iconia : Dual Screen Laptop/Tablet

Acer the computer manufacturer has teamed up with Mr Gates’ Microsoft and unveiled this beauty of a Laptop/Tablet PC opting for a dual-screen device rather than your standard one screen plus physical keyboard one.   With Dual 720p WXGA14” displays, both touchscreen the Acer Iconia is running Windows 7 Home Premium. Now with both screens being touchscreens this shows that the Iconia is opting for a software keyboard which can be placed or used on either screen. Other Specs : Intel Core i5 processor 4GB of RAM 640GB HDD 2x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0 HDMI 3G WiFi 1.3MP WebCam Looking at them it’s not a bad little machine however it appears to have a slight downfall in having a small four-cell battery only capable of 3 hours off mains use.   The Iconia will be available in the UK in January and will set you back a cool £1500. Acer have also said to keep your eyes out for smaller 10”, 7” and 5” Iconia models in the...

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Slates galore : I’m not talking about roofing

Tablets are the latest craze and it’s certainly showing. Like the iPod spanned a million rival mp3 players (even though they already existed) the iPad has put the tablet PC to everyone’s attention and thus everyone wants a part of the market despite the fact they were already around, just that nobody cared till Steve Jobs’ boys released one. Anyway enough ranting there got two new “slates” for you here at opposite ends of the spectrum. One a low end budget tablet much like the Disgo and the “Next” one we spoke about last month and the other a more expensive affair from the boys at HP. The first is the Elonex eTouch. Announced yesterday by Toys R Us that they would stock this super cheap Android OS 2.1 powered tablet PC. Housing a 1GHz ARM 11 processor and a 2GB SSD as internal mameory which can be expanded with microSD support. Available in 7” and 10” they also have miniUSB, USB 2.0 and a 3.5mm jack for connectivity. Price wise your looking at £89.99 for the 7” and £149.99 for the 10”. The second, the HP 500 isn’t really looking at cornering the iPad market of the casual user but more of the business type. Powered by an Intel Atom processor this slate actually runs Windows 7 so rather than simple app use you can use any Windows...

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Sony Vaio J series : All in one Multitouch

The Sony Vaio J11M1E/B(try and remember that) is a brand new 21.5” Full 1080p HD multitouch screen all in one PC, just in time for the revised iMac and for all of us who opt for the traditional PC over the Mac. If you’re looking for a PC with looks and certainly saves on bulk space this could be for you.   Inside the all in one body the Vaio J specs speak for themselves. Not quite a top of the range PC but sufficient for everyday use. Intel Core i3 Processor 4GB RAM 500GB HDD Nvidia GeForce 310M Graphics Windows 7 Home Premium WiFi, Bluetooth and DVD writer The main draw to this system though is the screen. a Full 1920×1080 affair so there’s plenty of room for plenty of windows. Sony has also developed a Media Gallery on the PC to make full use of the multitouch functions, allowing the user to browse its content with finger gestures, flicks and rotating motions. YouPaint is also an interesting software addition allowing you to paint and draw with your hands all over the screen.   Out next month there’s no price as yet, but we imagine you’ll need to invest in some screen cloths for those fingerprint marks...

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Sony Vaio P Series : Ultra-Portable with GPS

With smartphone tech getting so good one often doesn’t need a PC to do his/her job or social networking, your phone will pretty much be able to cope with everything. It appears Sony are trying to grab some attention from the market with its new ultra-portable, small and light(only 600g) P Series notebook.   Firstly the basic specs. Now obviously with a lot more power than that of any phone, the Vaio P runs with an Intel Atom processor and 2GB of RAM. With an 8” screen running Windows 7 the Vaio P also has 64GB of Flash memory to keep it light and power-use friendly. Now what they’ve added to the Vaio P to give it smartphone-esque functionality is touchpad, GPS and an accelerometer. You can flick the pad through images and also turn it into portrait mode for easy viewing of things like ebooks. It’s also packing Everywair 3G allowing 7.2Mbps internet use wherever you are.   Available in an assortment of colours (green, pink, orange, black or white) it should be availbale around June time. No price details are available now but when the last P series came out they started at £849 for the lowest specced model. Expect extortion...

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ZUNE PHONE : Microsoft’s iPhone killer?

Quite possibly the best thing i’ve heard this year and if it’s true i may actually wet myself. The Zune is Microsoft’s answer to the iPod. Despite the Americans getting every version we here in the UK seem to keep missing out on the PMP. Now it’s rumoured(quite strongly) that Microsoft will be bringing out a phone equivalent and hopefully this will be revealed at Mobile World Congress in a fortnight.   NVIDIA have supposedly confirmed that they will be attending the the Congress with Microsoft (reports come from MuyComputer). Now NVIDIA make the TEGRA chip which powers the latest Zune HD. Also it is believed that Windows Mobile 7 will be launched at the congress too so it certainly looks promising.   Taking into account what the Zune HD does you’ll be looking at a very good phone, depending on Windows Mobile 7 software being good, but should pack a lot of features better than what any current iPhone could achieve. The UI of the Zune HD is easy to use and will look great on the low power, sharp OLED capacitive touchscreen (Multitouch oooo yeah!). Powered by the TEGRA chip HD content and multitasking will be done effortlessly and can be shipped to your TV via its HDMI out. If it’s planning on going into the gaming world like the iPhone, Zune is already a part of...

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Microsoft Office coming to a Nokia near you

Microsoft and Nokia joined forces today and had a brainstorm. The software and mobile giants have confirmed they will bring a mobile version of Microsoft Office to Nokia’s Symbian powered smartphones.   A few of Nokia’s phones already use Microsoft software (Exchange ActiveSync) so its no big surprise they’re coming together again. Next year will see the phone’s packing Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile. Not the catchiest of names but basically will allow to find work colleagues, instant message and something called “presence information”(ideas anyone???)   Further into the future mobile versions of your favourite office programs, Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc so you can view, edit and send documents from your mobile. Source :...

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Windows 7 : Price and Release Date revealed

Today Microsoft has revealed official release dates and for its forthcoming OS. The release has been set for October 22nd so not long now till we get the opportunity to ditch Vista (yay!)   Like Vista, 7 will be coming in a Home Premium package for £149.99, a Professional package at £219.99 and Ultimate at £229.99. Don’t worry though you wont have to pay the full amount as Microsoft are offering an “upgrade” price up until 31st December. You can upgrade upgrade to Home Premium for £79.99, Professional for £189.99 or Ultimate for £199.99 (not a massive saving but better than nothing).   However if you pre-order Home Premium you can pick it up for £49.99 or Professional for £99.99. This offer starts on 15th July and Ends on August or “whilst stocks last” (can’t see the world suddenly running out of discs in a hurry) also if you buy a Windows Vista PC after June 26, you’ll get a free upgrade to Windows...

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Microsoft confirms 2009 Windows 7 release

The senior vice president of the Windows Business at Microsoft, Bill Veghte, has confirmed that Windows 7 will be available to customers in time for the holiday shopping season. He said: We're tracking well to deliver Windows 7 in time for holiday availability based on the groundswell of feedback we received from the partner ecosystem, customers and through our own internal testing from pre-beta to now. Microsoft have been coy about the release date of Windows 7 and have only stated that Windows 7 would be available no later than three years after the general availability of Windows Vista – 30th January 2010. Many people seem to believe these dates to be quite conservative. The beta of Windows 7 was released in January and it was the only Beta to be released. The beta has been widely praised with many users commenting that it was faster and more stable than its predecessor even in its beta stages. The Release Candidate has recently been released which will be the only RC release unlike the usual 2 or 3. The RC release has improved on the beta even further (obviously) with most of the bugs ironed out and new features made available. Acer also previously leaked that the Acer Z5600 all-in-one PC, which is due for launch on October the 23rd will be bundled with Windows 7. Microsoft will start offering...

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