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BlitzWolf is one of the many low-cost accessory brands prominent on Amazon though they don’t have a considerable presence in the UK with most of the products being selfie sticks, earphones and powerbanks.

If you are US based, they do have a broader range of products which includes soundbars, and wireless speakers. They were kind enough to send me the 60W 2.0 channel soundbar to review, you cant actually buy this model in the UK, and Amazon US won’t ship it here. However, if you are in the US, it is priced at $89.99, and it currently has a voucher taking it down to $75.

If you are in the UK there is the 2.1 BW-SDB2 60W Smart Soundbar available on Banggood which costs £115.87 and has a subwoofer too, so will be much better at handling bass.

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Features and Specification

  • 60W POWERFUL SOUNDBAR – With 6 full range speakers & 2 diaphragms, integrates deep bass, hi-fi stereo surround sound, fully-coverage surround into the living room, experience your favourite TV shows, movies and music with clear, dynamic sound.
  • WIRED & WIRELESS CONNECTION – Hassle-free wireless Bluetooth connectivity for smart TVs, PC, smartphones; or connects with 3.5mm AUX-in/ HDMI/ Coaxial/ Optical/ USB inputs for TVs, DVD players.
  • VARIOUS SOUND EFFECT- Various Sound Effect — Freely remote switch and match the, 3D stereo surround sound for movie, dynamic awesome sound for a living concert or music shows, clear dialogue for News and Sports event.
  • AUTOMATICALLY ON/OFF WITH TV – Smart automatically turn on/off depending on your TV status, also remember the selected EQ mode and automatically adjust to the moderate volume, offer you the best home theatre watching experience.
  • 36-INCH ULTRA-SLIM PREMIUM SOUNDBAR – The slim modern look and all-in-one design maintain a stylish look for your home. It horizontally sits under the TV screen, the best match to deliver realistic amazing sound for big screen TV.

BlitzWolf BW SDB1 soundbar

Build Quality & Set-up

With this only being sold in the US it came with an American two-pin plug, but it uses a standard figure of eight lead, so I was able to use one of the spare ones I had to get it working.

Within the box, they also include an optical cabal and AUX to 3.5mm. You can control the soundbar with the basic looking remote control. The soundbar has ARC so switching it on should switch on your TV, and vice versa.

The rest of the set-up is a straightforward affair, if your TV has an ARC-enabled HDMI port this will be your best option, and with this in use that is all you need to do. The remote allows you to easily switch between inputs, and this includes USB and Bluetooth, so you can optionally stream music if you just want to listen to something.

The speaker itself is relatively small as far as soundbars go, and it is not very tall, so if you don’t have much room between the cabinet top and TV, you should find it will still fit under your TV OK.

It uses two forwards firing tweeters, with two mids and two diaphragm subs on each side. This gives us a total of six speakers and two diaphragms. The sound output is technically 2.0 stereo, but the extra speakers help create a wider and more detailed soundscape.


This is a tale of two halves, I personally have a 5.1 speaker system running through an AV receiver, and in our other room, we have the Bose Soundtouch 300 with the optional surround speakers. For comparison, the Bose costs £700, so ten times the price, and therefore you may not be surprised that this speaker does not sound good at all in comparison to them.

It suffers from all the typical issues a budget speaker has, primarily a lack of bass, with severe distortion for any bass that is present, especially at high volumes. Also, an overall tininess to the mids and highs.

On the flip side of this, these TVs also suffer from the exact same issues with modern LED TVs they just don’t have the room to fit adequate speakers in them, so they tend to sound terrible. Even the Sony AF8 with its acoustic surface technology doesn’t sound amazing. So compared to a TV speaker these sound good, in particular, they can go much louder, and what bass they are capable of doing, they do better than a TV.

So in terms of the performance, it sounds better then most if not all TVs, but it unsurprisingly can’t compete with more expensive options. At the end of the day, this costs well under $100, so you can’t expect cinema quality sound.  The performance is relative to the price and based on the price I think they do a reasonably decent job.

If you are a UK buyer, you only have the choice of the 2.1 BW-SDB2 model, with the .1 bit indicating a subwoofer. I have not used this model, but I think it will alleviate many of the bass issues you face here. Again, expectations need to be realistic here, £115 is still very cheap and the performance with be relative to this.


If you are on a budget and want an upgrade to your TV sound, then this will undoubtedly provide better audio. I appreciate not everyone can go around spending hundreds or thousands on audio equipment, and in this case, this is a decent option.

I think investing in a speaker system that is relative to the cost of your TV is a good idea. If you just bought a £3k OLED don’t waste your time with this, but if you only spent £479 on a 55-inch 4k Hisense, then this is a sensible investment.

Spending that little extra on the 2.1 model will improve your experience considerably, and I would highly recommend considering it even if you are US based.

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BlitzWolf BW-SDB1 Review

Product Name: BlitzWolf BW-SDB1

Offer price: 75

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

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  • Price - 90%
  • Performance - 60%

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