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We all want to be healthy and so when it comes to fitness, being able to keep up with a routine is necessary to our overall physical and mental wellbeing. So as part of your New Year’s resolution for 2020, there are a fair few apps that said to be the best when it comes to improving your fitness. Here are the top fitness apps for 2020.



When it comes to our behaviour on food and how we lose weight, we often have the mindset of having to do extreme dieting in order to achieve the results that we want. Now, unfortunately, that’s not going to be effective because anything we do when on a crazy diet is not sustainable for the long run. Therefore we may lose the weight, but it’s hard to maintain, and we end up putting it back on. Noom is an app that helps changes that behaviour and the Noom Food List can help provide you with a diet that’s healthier and a list of foods that you are likely to know of or have bought in the past. It’s a great way to track your food intake, alongside the fitness workouts it provides. You can read about it the Noom Food list online if you’re after more information.



For those wanting to look after their mental wellbeing and to also focus on other aspects of their health, like sleeping and reducing stress, there are some good apps out there already. Headspace, however, is set to become even bigger in 2020 as advertisements for the app have now managed to branch out into television advertisements and online. It’s a great app that works at guided meditation and is useful for just before you go to bed or to perhaps do in the morning or at the end of an evening. It can help train your body to help relax and to focus on the important part of your body, the mind. Not enough of us spend time looking after ourselves so stress and a lack of sleep can be two big factors that can really impact our health. The app promotes a happier and healthy lifestyle when used, and that’s something that’s really important when it comes to getting fit. You can have the fittest body, but if your mental mindset isn’t great, then it can really impact your physical health. The app is free to trial but then becomes a monthly subscription if found useful for £9.99 a month or £49.99 if a year’s subscription is bought.


JeFit is one of the best apps for tracking your fitness workouts and to track the improvements you make over time. When working out, the toughest part is not being able to notice the difference, to begin with. However, when you’ve got a fitness app that shows your progress each time, it can be extremely helpful to keep you motivated to stay on the path to success. There are personalised workout programs and routines to use as well as workout data that you can analyse and assess yourself to see where progress has been made and where there’s room for improvement.


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If you struggle to keep track of your calories, then MyFitnessPal is certainly one app that’s worth downloading after the festive feasting is done and you’re into 2020. You set the number of calories depending on what your fitness goals may be, whether that’s to gain weight, lose it or maintain it. It’s a great way to moderate the food that you’re eating and to know exactly what you have available in terms of your calories for the rest of the day.

Pocket Yoga

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If yoga is more your style of a workout when it comes to getting fit, then having the Pocket Yoga app is handy. With yoga, you’re not restricted to where and when you can use it, so if you want to use it at home, you can do. The app is packed full of yoga classes to take advantage of, but you can also make yourself a tailored routine depending on what sort of positions and movements you enjoy doing most. This can be formed in a number of routines that you can schedule throughout the day. So perhaps a lighter one in the morning when you wake up and then a more intense one in the evening.


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And finally, if you love running, then you’ll love Strava. Strava is an app that lets you track your running from the rate of pace, how much distance you cover and can help you continue to get better. It’s great if you’re training for a marathon or doing a fun run.

Whatever app you use, step into 2020 with the right attitude when it comes to your health.

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