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Technology is slowly and surely becoming an integral part of our everyday lives: its impact is being felt even in our sleep and the bed industry in general. We are becoming more dependent on technology to not only come up with high-end mattresses but to also monitor our nights. We had thought we reached the peak of discovery some four decades ago when the first memory foam beds were introduced. Little did we know that science had other plans in store for us in the near future! Presently, it is impossible to predict what the next two or so decades will present in terms of inventions in the bed industry.

How Mattress the Industry Has Revolutionized

The past century saw mattress buyers head into their local stores to make bed purchases. In actuality, the trend is still here even in this new age. Nonetheless, more and more customers opt to follow the easier route – they would rather just take their phones and go through the multitude of companies springing forth by the day offering the next best thing. But this trend of online purchasing and free deliveries is common with most companies and products. So it should not come as a startling wonder to you.

Reliance on Reviews

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Consumers seem to benefit most from the online space that gives them access to all the information they need. Most buyers will opt to have a look at independent customer reviews before making such a decision to purchase a new bed. Peter K. from https://novosbedcoupon.com/ said, “Customer reviews and feedbacks have only come to keep us as well as our competitors on foot – you just can’t risk bad publicity unless you want to risk your source of daily bread!”

Bed-In-A-Box Concept

Back in the day, only the silly rich would afford to purchase a memory foam bed or a quality natural latex bed. Today, we get to sing a different song alas! More companies are seeking out cheaper materials in constructing their beds to cut on the expenses. What’s more, a recent trend has been seen where mattresses are compressed and packed in well-enclosed boxes. This greatly lowers the shipping and handling costs resulting in much lower prices for the same value! Customer reports on bed-in-a-box technology continue to indicate a solid move towards this trend even in the coming years.

I recently reviewed the Simba Mattress and I currently think it is the best bed in a box style I have tried.

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The Smart Bed

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I’m sure if you were to be directed to mention at least 5 applications of artificial intelligence, that list would exceed 10 entries with relative ease. But did you know that AI has now found its way to our beds and becoming a part of our nights too? These beds use a single sheet of smart fabric to track your sleep throughout the night. You will get detailed information on your heartbeat, respiration, body pressure and even sleep restfulness thus enabling you to perform even better at nights. The smart beds also come with air chambers combined with pressure sensors to ensure adjustability while you sleep in your position. The power is in your hands now to control just how hot you want to sleep! No more need to rely on the gel-infused strategy which happens to be unreliable most of the times.

It doesn’t end there: the smart beds are equipped with app integration to allow you to control home gadgets and devices through the internet of things without having to get up from your bed! Now tell me, can it get any smarter than that?

What was so common in Hollywood Sci-Fi movies is surely becoming an everyday reality. The most technologized mattresses are still costly to the average buyer. That notwithstanding, it’s only a matter of time before everyone can buy one. The future is here; let’s embrace it with open arms!


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