Aqara Roller Shade Controller T1S

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Aqara has launched its latest smart home device, the Roller Shade Controller T1S. This tubular motor is designed to support Matter compatibility over a bridge, enhancing interoperability across various smart home platforms and devices. The Roller Shade Controller T1S offers homeowners improved convenience, energy efficiency, and privacy by automating the adjustment of window shades.


  • Matter over Bridge Support: Upgrade your home with the Aqara Roller Shade Controller T1S and Matter-compatible hubs. Connect to Apple Home for easy shade control via Siri, streamlining your smart home experience.
  • High Speed and Low Noise: Aqara T1S offers efficient and quiet operation. Its advanced motor ensures fast performance with minimal noise, while programmable settings allow for smooth, nearly silent openings, enhancing user comfort.
  • Opening Percentage and Pre-Set Positions: Using the Aqara Home app to control your roller shades allows you to precisely adjust lighting and privacy in your home. Set specific openings for automated or on-demand customization, enhancing comfort and convenience effortlessly.
  • Supports Various Blind Types: Aqara T1S has broad compatibility with various window coverings, allowing for easy customisation and control. Compatible with everything from roller shades to Roman blinds, it enhances room aesthetics and functionality, seamlessly fitting into your existing home decor.
  • Configurable Schedules via Automations: The T1S enhances user convenience by allowing remote control of shades via an app, eliminating manual adjustments. It automatically adjusts shades based on schedules or activities, optimising comfort and energy efficiency. Seamlessly integrating with existing smart home systems, it provides a streamlined home automation experience.
  • Ultra-Low Idle Consumption: The T1S optimizes power use to cut costs and maintains readiness. Control shades efficiently without high electricity costs, benefiting from enhanced safety, compatibility, and comprehensive smart solutions. Its stable connection and low consumption make it ideal for smart home management.

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Features and Benefits

The Roller Shade Controller T1S is engineered to integrate seamlessly with different types of window coverings, including roller shades, zebra roller blinds, Shangri-la blinds, and honeycomb blinds. This flexibility is powered by Zigbee technology, enabling smooth integration with Matter-compatible platforms through an Aqara Matter bridge. The device can connect with Aqara Home as well as third-party platforms such as Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home, Home Assistant, Homey, and SmartThings. This wide compatibility offers homeowners extensive choices in creating personalized smart home scenes and automations.

Performance and Control

Equipped with advanced DC motor technology, the Roller Shade Controller T1S operates at a high speed of 25 revolutions per minute (rpm) while maintaining a noise level below 27 decibels (dB). This ensures a tranquil environment, ideal for relaxation, focus, and productivity. Users can further minimize noise by using the Aqara Home app, which allows the motor to open or close shades slowly and gradually over a preset time period.

The controller provides a variety of automation options. It can be operated via remote control, preset schedules, mobile apps, voice assistants, or complete home automation systems. This makes it easy to adjust multiple shades simultaneously, including those in hard-to-reach windows. The automations and controls respond intuitively to user needs, facilitating the creation of ambience, lighting adjustments throughout the day, temperature regulation in conjunction with other smart devices, and enhanced privacy from the outside world.


Motor TechnologyAdvanced DC Motor
Operating Speed25 rpm
Noise Level< 27 dB
Rated Poer121W
Rated torque8N·m
Rated rotor speed17 r/min
CompatibilityRoller shades, Zebra roller blinds, Shangri-la blinds, Honeycomb blinds
Control MethodsRemote control, Mobile apps, Voice assistants, Home automation systems
Integration PlatformsAqara Home, Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home, Home Assistant, Homey, SmartThings
Additional FeaturesGradual open/close via Aqara Home app
Pipe Diameter Compatibility38 millimeters
Accessories IncludedNone (roller shade tube and shade sold separately)
Matter CompatibilityVia Aqara Matter bridge

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