Following my review of the GooBang Doo ABOX A1 Plus, I wasn’t entirely happy with the performance for my particular needs. It is a decent device for the money, I am just a bit fussy about things, I wasn’t overly keen on the user interface, the remote didn’t work very well in Netflix, and I would get artefacts playing network files in Kodi. There is also the issue with 4K DRM from streaming services, which isn’t a huge issue for me, but something I would like for future proofing.

So, going back to researching options and using the excellent Kodi.Tv thread, I whittled my choices down.

There isn’t a perfect option out there; nearly all devices have some form of limitation. For example, if you want a device that is HDR10 capable of auto frame rate switching & dynamic range matching you are limited to:

NVIDIA Shield and Intel hardware currently have broken Auto dynamic range matching. The Apple TV 4K appears to have the most all-round compatibility, but it is restricted to MrMC for Kodi, and I would prefer to use SPMC or native Kodi.

I came to 4 options finally:

I love my Shield, and this would have been the first choice, but now I have missed the Christmas sales it is £179.99 which is well out of my budget for this set-up. The MINIX options are viable, but 4K Netflix compatibility seems to be questionable. In reality, this left me with the new Amazon 4K which is priced the most competitively at £69.99.