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Following on from my review of the Edifier R1010BT Powered Bluetooth Speakers, I have also been testing the Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse Bluetooth Speakers.

Priced at £149.99 the Luna Eclipse speakers deviate from the traditional design of the previous Edifier review; these have a much more modern design consisting of a sort of alien looking oval/moon shape. The contemporary casing is made from a glossy metal, though I am unsure of the exact construction. This material gives these speakers a much weightier construction. However, they are noticeably smaller than the R1010BT, though not massively so. They are quite a bit slimmer than the R1010BT, so I could squeeze them onto my desk a little easier.

Speakers themselves are exposed with the tweeter getting some protection from a metal guard protruding over it. This will mean there is more chance of damage to these speakers, but it shouldn’t be a major issue, unless perhaps if you have small children that like to prod things. The pair I received was a glossy black, but they also come in white and a striking red too.

These speakers come in a 2.0 configuration, and these are joined by a thick proprietary cable, so placement is somewhat restricted. However, the cable is long enough for decent spacing. There are only two inputs available on this model, either Bluetooth or 3.5mm aux, this should be adequate for most people, but the dual Aux was excellent on the previous cheaper speakers.

You do get a remote control with this pair, which has basic functions of on/off and then volume. You also have touch buttons on the side of the active speaker. The Lunas also require quite a large power brick which is never ideal, but often a necessity for high powered devices.

Each of Luna’s satellites is equipped with a ¾” silk-domed tweeter and a 3″ full-range bass driver, together producing an impressive 74 watts RMS. This Bluetooth speaker also contains two 3″ passive bass radiators, maximising the bass performance.


These speakers are not just style over substance either; you can immediately tell that these are superior to the previous R1010BT review. Bass is vastly improved, it is nicely rounded and doesn’t suffer from some of the issues the R1010BT suffered where it sounded a little hollow at times. That being said, the lack of a subwoofer does mean you don’t get quite the same level of bass as a 2.1 system might offer.

The rest of the spectrum is well covered too; the midrange is nice and clear with plenty of warmth in instrumental and vocal tracks. The trebles remain clean without being overly sharp. The is no noticeable tininess or distortion even at high volumes.

I use my computer speakers as much for TV as I do for music and these performed well, voices are pleasant and clear, the bass continues to perform well for things like explosions and gunfire.


These are a great set of speakers; I would say the increase in cost is proportional to the improved aspects of the R1010BT such as design, build and most importantly audio quality.

Unless you style is very traditional I think these will look great on any computer desk; they would also compliment many of the RGB PC gaming builds that have become popular in recent years.

As usual, I personally prefer a speaker with a subwoofer, but if this is not feasible for you, then a 2.0 system such as this is a great option, and they look fantastic too.

I think £149.99 is quite a reasonable price for these. Looking on Amazon at well-reviewed PC speakers in the £100-£200 price range, there isn’t really anything else I would pick over these.

Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse Bluetooth Speakers
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Product Name: Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse Bluetooth Speakers

Offer price: 149.99

Currency: GBP

Availability: InStock

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