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For whatever stupid reason, when I started Might Gadget, I started this site using the mightygadget.co.uk, which heavily weights Google rankings and traffic to the UK.

While a lot of the content I write does have a UK focus (including most of the prices I reference), the reality is that less than half of my traffic comes from the UK.

I never expected I would make a living out of the site, so I guess when I started things, it didn’t matter.

But nowadays, I have to think about how my website appears in Google, and how it performs with advertising or affiliate sales. US traffic is only around 20% of my total traffic, but the RPM value of those adverts is 80% higher than UK traffic.

If I can improve my US traffic, I will significantly improve the advertising rates. And yes, I know adverts are annoying, but it is a necessary evil if I want to make a living from this website.

There is a good chance this could all backfire on me, and Google will wipe out my traffic, and it could end up being one of the biggest mistakes of my life. High risk, high reward and all that.

Anyway, I am mainly posting this as a warning that if there is anything broken on the site, please email me or make a comment below.

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