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In the era of Starlink and smart robots, fax machines seem to be absolutely outdated. They are big, they communicate without any encryption, they stick you to your office, etc. 

Nevertheless, many business people still use them, and the chances are you’ll run into one of them when visiting a doctor, lawyer, or government agency. That’s what makes a difference when you compare different businesses. While your competitors choose the traditional way, you should think out of the box if you want to stand out. What if we say that there are plenty of alternatives to faxing that are not only more convenient but also more secure? That your iPhone the only thing you need to send messages? That you shouldn’t pay a lot? We know that it sounds amazing, and we are looking forward to seeing you change your business communication forever! 

  1. Install a fax application on your smartphone 

Let’s play high: you can use a fax app regardless of your current location. Even if you’re out of the office, you can just scan a letter, business contract, check, whatever, and send fax from iPhone in a matter of minutes. 

What does this process look like?

  • Take a quick snap using a built-in scanner and crop a picture so that it looks appropriate. Make any edits you want.
  • Choose a file and a phone number.
  • Send a fax.

That’s it! Of course, the more you use an iPhone application, the more benefits you discover. For example, you can change your fax number once a month, track the history of all faxes that are sent and received, and even sign documents to make them more secure. Such a fast and convenient solution will definitely take your business communication to the next level. 

  1. Use email to send documents 

What documents are you faxing? We bet that most of them were typed from a computer, so it makes no sense to use a fax machine when you can use a PC, laptop, or iPhone and just send emails. There are two options to choose from: you can include the text in an email’s content, or attach the document to an email.

When you email documents, you keep all the messages in one place, and it is also very convenient to use mail threads where you can easily find the necessary information. However, you’re limited to your provider’s editing options, and you also need a third-party app if you want to create a file in a certain format or make some changes. 

And what if you already have a printed document, e.g. a signed check, and you need to send it to your business partner? In such a case, you need a multifunction printer that will scan the paper. It is cheaper than fax, so consider this option if you deal with printed papers all the time. 

  1. Take an advantage of Document Management Systems 

Such services like Google Docs can be an amazing alternative to faxing as they provide you with numerous opportunities. However, this will only work if both you and your recipient feel very confident in the digital world. You need to know how to work with cloud storage, how to create and share files, how to make edits, etc. 

What we really love about this option is that you can collaborate on documents in real-life mode, add comments, and track the changes that were made. For example, if you’re discussing a legal contract, you can create a draft and work on it together until it is perfect. Then you just add an e-signature, and that’s it. And if you want to store this file on your device, you just download it in the necessary format. 

Most document management systems also have an app so that you can view paper from a smartphone and make some edits on the go. 

Wrapping things up 

If you send and receive documents all the time, it would be a great mistake not to optimize this process. The less time you spend thinking about how to deliver your contracts with fewer hurdles, the more time you have to generate unique ideas and grow your business. With these 3 options, you can forget about big fax machines and get the most out of modern devices – smartphones and laptops. Faxing has never been that easy! 

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