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I reviewed the Twinkly Line a bit over a year ago, and my review sample has sat in my cupboard since. It is an excellent product and a viable alternative to the more premium Philips Hue range of products.

However, as I am heavily invested in Philips Hue, I don’t have much use for this LED strip, and I am therefore giving it away.

Twinkly is best known for its Christmas tree lights, they have been the only good brand offering smart Christmas tree lights for several years now, but Philips Hue is now competing with the Philips Hue Festavia String Lights.

Twinkly Line and the Twinkly Flex are an attempt to shift into a broader all-year market, but these new products still have the same smart features that make the Christmas tree lights so popular.

It is possible to map the layout of your lights and group multiple products together into one big scene. Then within the Twinkly app, you can create custom light scenes or choose one of the predefined options via the gallery. If you have enough lights and match things properly, you can create complex animations with some of the lights.

These lights can also be linked to Razer Chroma RGB, allowing you to synchronise the lighting with your PC gaming.

The Twinkly Line I am giving away is the starter kit, so it includes the plug socket and 1.5m of LED lights. You can then buy an extension kit for around £27, which will extend the lights a further 1.5m.

The review sample I am giving away is the white starter kit, which currently sells on Amazon for just under £78.

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Twinkly Line Giveaway

To be clear, this is a review sample, so it has been used. I still have the box, so it is as new.

To enter, please follow me on Twitter (@mighty_gadget) or Instagram (mighty.gadget) and leave a comment below stating your Twitter/Insta handle and why you would like to win the Twinkly Line. You can follow both social accounts, but you don’t have to.

I will announce the winner on the 23nd of December. I will try and post it out on the same day, but it is unlikely to arrive for Christmas.

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    1. I’d like to build them into a lightbox to illuminate a piece of batik fabrik that has an abstract portrait on it. I can’t decide if it looks more like Suella Braverman or Steffi Graff, but either way they are both having a bad hair day. The lights might improve things! @IncroyableLies

  1. I would love to win the Twinkly Line because my husband enjoys electronic gadgets. I would ask him to install it under the kitchen cupboards so that on a night it would look so cool. I think our cats would also find it fun! @doney74

  2. my insta and twitter is – justhollymarie. I would love to win for my son who is getting a gaming computer for christmas.

  3. Twitter: @antheajholloway Instagram: @antheaholloway2
    I would love to win this lovely prize because it would look so good in our house with our decorations.

  4. I’d love to win the Twinkly Line for my son’s pc set up, he’d be thrilled with it!

    Twitter & Instagram handle is @jenrhymer on both and I’m already following you

  5. I would love to win the Twinkly Line because I find lights like this so uplifting and therapeutic, and it would be an amazing addition to my room
    Twitter @TheBouncyFrog

  6. Insta handle @christinefrombrum. I would like to win the Twinkly Line, to make my living room more brighter and enhance the viewing experience of a yet to be delivered new TV.

  7. Insta handle @craig.hindle. would like to win the Twinkly Line to make the lighting better in my mothers living room having eye issues and make the room feel more homely.

  8. Insta handle @christinefrombrum. I would like to win the Twinkly Line to enhance the viewing experience of a yet to be delivered TV and hopefully connect other light strips to it. I apologise if this is a somewhat duplicate comment but it so please disallow this.

  9. Insta @missblisslife
    I’d love these as just moved into new house (& no budget left for nice things). The bathroom has no window and really bright spotlights. It’s not relaxing for a pamper night in. These lights would look totally amazing under the wall hung sink cupboard and totally transform my pamper nights. Also seems not too hard to install either after reading your review. Thanks !

  10. My husband and eldest son are both electronic engineers, our youngest boy is 12, he has severe learning difficulties. This would be a perfect introduction to electronics and something that he could do with his Dad & big brother (he loves being one of the boys!). It is also sensory, he also loves all things sparkly so would be a great addition to his sensory experience.
    Merry Christmas ????
    Twitter @fdrinkell

  11. @minilynn3 I would love to win the Twinkly line to make my home sparkle for all those occasions when we can get together as a family!

  12. I’d love to win this for my TV to make movie nights spectacular! Following on Twitter as @nataliegilllham and Instagram as @twiddle.dee. Merry Christmas!

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