Pixel K80 RGB LED Photography Video Lighting Kit Review

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Photography is not my forte, which is quite apparent from many of my product photos. Things have improved over the years, a half-decent mirrorless camera helps. More often than not, I find myself using the Pixel 6 for most product shots, it takes consistently good photos that require minimal editing.

Good lighting is often a factor between a good and bad photo, and our indoor home lights often provide poor inconsistent lighting. Photography specific lighting can fix a lot of things, but it can be quite expensive or often inadequate.

The Pixel K80 RGB LED kit is on the upper end of pricing for products you will find on Amazon, but in general, is considerably cheaper than equivalent products from specialist websites.

Features / Specification

  • Color Temperature Range: 2600 to 10,000k
  • Power: 45W
  • LCD Display Size: 2 inches
  • Light Size: 12 x 9.5 x 6.x5 inches (in the U bracket)
  • Power Supply Length: 168 inches
  • Max Height on Tripod: 83 inches
  • Material: Aluminum alloy and plastic
  • LEDs: 240 RGB, 156 warm, 156 white
  • Special Effects: 9 presets
  • Compatible with batteries for wireless functionality


Fitting the light onto the mount is a little clunky, the connector on the lights is quite a bit larger than the mount point on the tripod. The light is fixed into place by clamping it there with a thumbscrew/knob.

The stand and its legs are a bit lightweight, so with the lights at full height, it is a bit of a wobbly set-up.

Fitting the diffusers was a little confusing at first. They have wings that slot in between the barn door and frame, and it was a little challenging to get them to slot through. With the diffuser in place, you can’t properly close the doors, so you need to remove this when you put them back in the back.

The lights are powered independently, and the two power bricks have a decent length cable, giving you some flexibility with your set-up

In Use

Pixel K80 RGB LED Photography Video Lighting Kit Review5

The lights themselves are good, they can go very bright and should be more than adequate for amateur and aspiring professional photographers.

You have plenty of options. Most people like myself will likely keep the LEDs as a solid white, changing the temperature. However, you have RGB, and you have various flashing options.

Each light is 45W in total with 552 LEDs, so it can run quite hot if used for a while.

I am impressed with the carry bag, not something I’d normally point out. But the entire kit packs down well, and the bag is well padded without being massive. Again, for an occasional photographer, it is handy not to have massive equipment lying around all over the place.

The lights have slots on the back for batteries, Pixel doesn’t sell these, but these appear to be NP-F batteries, and you can pick up some well-reviewed options on Amazon for as around £33 a pair (you’d need two pairs).

Price and Availability

When I was first supplied with this product sample, the Pixel K80 was available on Amazon UK, but seems to have vanished now. There are plenty of alternative options, and this kit appears to be white label, with other brands offering essentially the same.

For American buyers, Amazon.com has it available for just under $300 with a $20 off voucher, and it occasionally drops down to around $254. This listing specifically states you get a wireless remote.

This seemed quite expensive to me when I first saw the price but looking at online specialist for photography and lighting, you will be paying about £150 for a single white LED panel, and a pair of softboxes can easily set you back £500


While the overall build quality isn’t amazing, the lights themselves are excellent, and they appear to offer very good value for money compared to lighting from specialists stores.

For people like myself, these lights are perfect. I take a lot of photos as part of my job out of necessity rather than it being my main job, and you can tell by the quality of my photos. Lighting likes this helps improve the overall quality with a relatively low investment.

Pixel K80 RGB LED Photography Video Lighting Kit Review Rating


While the overall build quality isn’t amazing, the lights themselves are excellent, and they appear to offer very good value for money compared to lighting from specialists stores.

  • Overall - 65%


  • The LED lighting is very good with extensive levels of customisation


  • Everything but the lights has quite poor build quality

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