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Samsung launches 860 QVO SSDs with up to 4TB capacity using QLC NAND

Samsung has launched a new range of 2.5-inch form factor SATA interface SSDs. The new Samsung 860 QVO SSD targets entry-level consumers but will also appeal to users wanting to replace large mechanical drives with SSDs. The new drives start off with at 1TB and go all the way up to 4TB so this represents quite a shift in the traditional capacities offered by SSDs. The new drives use high-density 4-bit multi-level cell NAND flash architecture to deliver drives with up to 4TB capacity. Samsung's headline claim is that the 860 QVO range's combination of capacities and price points...

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Aegis Secure Key 3z USB 3.1 (3.0) Flash Drive Review Score 83%

Aegis Secure Key 3z USB 3.1 (3.0) Flash Drive Review

In the past year or so we have seen an unprecedented number of cybersecurity issues and major data leaks. It has only been days since the Paradise Papers were leaked exposing how the wealthy hide their money and dodge taxes. Maintaining a secure network is one of the most essential things you can do to protect yourself or your business from cybersecurity attacks, and devices like the F-Secure Sense can help do just that. However, having a secure network won't do much to protect your data from physical theft (or accidental loss). Most companies allow their staff to use...

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Buffalo MiniStation Velocity 960GB external SSD Review Score 81%

Buffalo MiniStation Velocity 960GB external SSD Review

Solid State Storage is all the rage for laptops and desktops nowadays, it offers exponentially better performance than a mechanical drive while being smaller, quieter and giving off less heat. However, they are expensive compared to their mechanical equivalents and store less data, this means that we haven’t really seen many external SSDs on the market. The Buffalo MiniStation Velocity is one of the few external SSD products out there and is the flagship of company’s portable SSD range of storage drives. Based around an SSD drive, the MiniStation Velocity uses a USB 3.1 (Gen 2) interface and Buffalo...

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Toshiba 480GB Q300 SSD Review Score 90%

Toshiba 480GB Q300 SSD Review

Following my review of the excellent Toshiba Canvio Connect II, Toshiba has been kind enough to send me a sample of their consumer solid state drive (SSD) the Q300. The sample I was sent is the 480GB version, but it also comes in 120GB, 240GB and 960GB varieties. You can get the 480GB model for around £130 putting it around the same price as drives from SanDisk, and the ever popular Crucial BX200. The exact specification of the Q300 is: NAND Toshiba A19nm 128Gb TLC Controller Toshiba TC58 Sequential Read 550 MB/s Sequential Write 530 MB/s 4kB Random Read...

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Swiss Army Knife just got better

Just when you thought the Swiss Army Knife couldn’t get any more useful, Victorinox, makers of the original branded Swiss Army Knife has now added to it’s flagship product the one thing we all need . A fully functional Secure Solid State Drive. Yes that’s right they’re going high tech.   With the usual combination of a small blade, file, screwdriver and scissors it also comes with USB 2.0 connectivity as well as eSATA II connectivity too. Couple that with a 32-bit processor,hardware error correction, secure data encryption, and dynamic power management the SSD offers 2x read speeds and 3x write speeds over your standard USB Flash Drive. There’s also an LCD display on board too telling you how much space is left on your drive.   It comes with bundled software providing a whole array of tools(no pun intended) for full file management like backup management of bookmarks, favourites and documents. It also offers full syncronization between your folders and Outlook plus you can also add password protection too.   There’s several sizes on offer from Victorinox. A 64GB slim and then a 128GB Slim Duo. These are both waterproof and shock-proof and are available in an assortment of colours. There’s also a version dubbed “flight friendly” which sports just the blade and the SSD. How this is flight friendly I don’t know. Sadly there’s no prices or...

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Hagiwara shrinks 2.5-inch SSD tech to 1-inch drives

Hagiwara Sys-Com has recently announced it has applied the technology from 2.5-inch solid state drives to smaller 1-inch drives. They have developed the HDF10P SSD drive which is currently only available in an 8GB capacity however they are planning on releasing a 16GB version. The company has placed the TrueSSD controller it has developed in-house to the smaller drives, which performs static wear leveling to make the drives last longer by evenly distributing write operations across all cells in the media. The HFD10P has a PATA interface, and sustained read speeds are set at 39MBps, while write speeds are rated at 25MBps. The smaller form factor of these drives makes them well-suited for use in netbooks and other ultra-portable computing devices. No word on pricing or release information...

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PhotoFast G-Monster PCIe SSD

We have already seen the 1TB SSD OCZ Z Drive, and now Japan based PhotoFast today introduced a similar product called the G-Monster PCIe SSD that offers 256GB, 512GB and 1TB The G-Monster has 750MB/s reading speed and 700MB/s writing speed No wording on price just yet though it is expected to be launched in April. Via...

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